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What do you do that is not appropriate for your age?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) December 12th, 2009

What do you do that is not appropriate for your age that you really should have stopped doing a long time ago?

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Watch cartoons.

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I still play with Lego.

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@SirGoofy, @johnpowell I’m right there with you on those. I have certain indie bands that I follow, and have driven two hours to hear them play in nearby cities on a work week night. I’m in my 50’s.

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Does sleeping with a pacifier qualify?

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@SirGoofy. Good idea, thanks!—I can haz one? I haven’t found those here yet. I’ve been thinking about flavoring them myself though. I’ll hunt the internets for those.

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I also watch cartoons. And in the shower, after putting shampoo in I always make my hair look all funny.

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I still play in mud puddles with the kids and still enjoy childhood wonder about all i see.

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I still like to play on playground equipment, like the monkey bars and swings.

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I love bottle caps and lik-a-stix (just the stick- the powder stains my mouth and then people know what I have been up to!)

Walking around in the rain without an umbrella or rain coat.

@gradyjones I do too!

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@Dog ”...and then people know what I have been up to!” Wai so SRS?

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Play the old school Mario on my NES.

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Go to collitch.

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What? Could you please repeat what you just said?

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@pdworkin I beg your pudding?

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I eat raw cookie dough. by the handful

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I am a student at the State University of New York, Albany Campus. You know: collitch. And I am 60 years of age.

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@jonsblond I cannot buy cookie dough- it never gets cooked…

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@Dog: It’s supposed to get cooked?

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Removed by me.

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I’m not sure anything is age-inappropriate. If you enjoy it, do it! If other people think it is immature, then they have a hang-up. I play in the rain, occasionally speak like a child, expect gifts for my birthday, eat pop-rocks, and sometimes have mini-temper tantrums. All just a part of who I am.

Well, almost anything isn’t inappropriate… being attracted to children once you are an adult is beyond age-inappropriate, but I don’t do that so it doesn’t change my answer!

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I scribble when angry

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Gross my younger son out by being bawdy.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

At 53 I can still do 30 pushups in 30 seconds, Age-inappropriate in our current society.

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I go outside and I play in the dirt. I hear that is not appropriate for my gender either.

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@juwhite1 Pop Rocks ROCK!! They can most certainly change ones mood in an instant!! I love Pop Rocks!!

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pffft I’m just a big kid in an adult size body! I just have the added adult stuff with it, haha.

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i still ride 20“bmx bikes at 40.i have no intention of “growing up”.i ride with guys 20 years older than me so i have something to look forward to.

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I go down the stairs on my tummy facing forwards….when the mood takes me

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I spend Saturdays listening to classical music and reading the paper. I’m 21.

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Apparently, according to many responses to @supermouse, wearing tights is not age-appropriate for adult women.

I wear tights. I love them.

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Lurve for @johnpowell – legos rule.

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I like to make funny faces in the mirror, and I draw on the car windows when there is condensation. I encourage my children to join me. Drives my husband nuts.

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I just want to say that I have a very close relationship w/my inner child.

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Coloring! I love to color.

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Oh, gee. Where I live, those sorts of age-based rules on how to conduct yourself don’t apply.

I’ve seen really old people dancing at LCD Soundsystem shows, people who colour with crayons outside, 60-year olds who live with roommates, adults doing whatever they want, and as long as they’re not hurting anyone, no one even bats an eye.

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@aprilsimnel Where do you live? I want to move there. (And is it, by any chance, a hot country with very tall men?)

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According to my wife, everything.

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I still ride sleds with my son.

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@curlysue I do with my children too. In fact, I’ll go without them if they would rather stay in and play the Xbox. Oh well, their loss! :)

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I hate humanity as a whole, and that is inappropriate at any age.

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Ooops I totally didn’t read the fineprint, and went the wrong direction.

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@janbb, why, I live in Brooklyn! Fuggeddaboutit!

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@aprilsimnel Well, I guess the tall men and the warm climate are out, but still a cool place to live. I’ll come in for “a slice” sometime.

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@Talimze I do the same thing! Lurve.

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I just bought myself a pair of zebra striped (speaking of zebra, where is the zebra, haven’t seen him for a while???) boardies from the boys department. I love them. I am a 65 year old woman!

Most everything I do is not considered age appropriate. I spent last Thursday afternoon at the wave pool in Darwin, it was fantastic, I wasn’t wearing a rashie and have board burns all over my stomach (I wear and don’t look too bad in a 2 piece, not very age app either!) It was me and about 50 kids fighting for the best spot on the waves.

I ride a skateboard, motor scooter, mountain bike and razor scooter (and drive a huge gas guzzling land cruiser on long trips).

The list goes on and on. I love doing what I want to do, I don’t much care whether it is age or gender appropriate!

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I still love Fun dip. My boss walked by and saw me eating it and asked me how old I was.

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Eat peanut butter out of the jar (I use a clean spoon every time, of course).

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I like to make sand castles when I am at the beach.

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Hmm…as theorized by my now deceased father, lack of any actual maternal love in my life has left me with the need to direct unattended childhood needs and affection towards something which, although inanimate and not alive, may resemble a mother figure.

I like anything soft, like pillows, cushions and big puffy comforters, and at age 27, I still hug and cuddle them and make high pitched noises in them. Yeah everyone does that every now and then, but for me it’s part of my daily ritual. It’s an obsession I’ve had ever since I was little, which back then was normal, but far from it now. It gives me strength and comfort, or at least an illusion thereof.

However it could be much worse, as undeveloped emotional factors such as this could have presented more hazardous situations, if I knew how to handle firearms.

Wow I’m so Emo.

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Sitting on my mothers or grandmothers lap, while cuddling!

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I jump off rocks, bridges and stuff into water!
I also lick the bowl,climb playground equiptment and wear tights as pants. I also jump on the tramoline alot!!! and play the kids video games.

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@samara atta girl, my kids think I got the trampoline, zip line and WII for them! lol!

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I eat boogers and throw rocks at boys.

Call me…

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