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Program to assemble a movie from individual frames for Mac OS X?

Asked by Edwards (102points) February 24th, 2008

I have a set of images files that I want to turn into a movie, but I can’t find any program that will do so. If necessary, I do have access to a Windows computer, but I would prefer a native MacOS application.

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Try Boinx iStopMotion

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After Effects will import an image sequence, but that’s probably a lot more than you want to spend.

Google “image sequence” or search for it on Macupdate and see what pops up.

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I’m almost positive QuickTime does this – but it might only be the Pro version. I’m not at my Mac right now or I would double check.

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Quicktime would be a pain, perhaps you mean iMovie?

iPhoto has slide shows built in.
– import all your images into iPhoto; I usually just drag them there
– select “Library” on the left
– make a new album and drag all your photos into i
– select your new album. you should now see a “Slideshow” button on the right.
– click “Slideshow.” That’s it!
– under the “File” menu you can export this as a movie.

But what if you are talking about stop-motion animation? I recommend using iStopMotion. It is literally designed to do stop-motion animation.
Well worth the $50!

However, although iMovie is also geared towards slide shows, it can be coaxed into making an animation down to 8 frames a second or 12 frames a second if you are meticulous enough.
– Open a new project
– click the “Media” tab, and under that the “Photos” tab.
– it helps if your images are already in iPhoto
– alternately, you can drag individual frames from a folder into the timeline
– a widget will appear that lets you set how long each image displays;
I think the fastest is 3 frames, which gets you 8 images a second, if you are animating
– make sure you uncheck the effect that zooms into each image!
– You can then edit every photo down to 2 frames… still not ideal. Oh well.

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Nope, I meant QT. I’m on my home computer and just checked. Depending on what the original poster wants, QT might be good enough. In the file menu there is an option called “Open Image Sequence…”. After choosing a folder of images you then choose the frame rate. QT then creates a video file that can be saved to the format of your choice.

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Quicktime is the fastest and has the fewest steps.

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I agree that the Quicktime method looks like it’s the fastest and simplest (and most versatile- iStopMotion can’t handle images larger than 720×576), but it only works in Quicktime Player Pro, which I don’t have. However, I did pick up iStopMotion in MacHeist, so that worked. Thanks, everyone!

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