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What are these gratuitous remarks!

Asked by Millenium_TheMysteriousM (371points) December 13th, 2009

Okay. . . . . . .underneath my “avatar” name (top right corner just above where you “log out”) I see nice little unsolicited “comments” and wondering from whom they are coming! Can someone tell me, please!

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They’re just random messages that Fluther displays as if they’re being said by Fluther. They aren’t coming from an actual person. :)

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But they’re really cute and nice and I love them! :)

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I’m writing them to you. Am I correct so far?

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One of them is from me, actually! I think. There have been two contests to come up with them thus far. One before I got here (they were the subject of my first question!) and one later.

Edited to add: Yep! Here is the second contest and here is the first.

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Last April Fools day they weren’t very nice.

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Fluther is such a flirt!

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The quirkiness of Fluther is part of it’s charm. Enjoy and welcome.

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I think they’re really cute Millenium! This site is very bright and cheerful!

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they are rather up lifting at times

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Please do not stop…they get me moist.

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They make me feel all funny inside . . . . . .

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