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How long have you been a Flutherer? Are you a veteran or part of the new influx?

Asked by druebeall (459points) December 13th, 2009

: )

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I was assimilated into the collective two days ago ! Resistance is futile.

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I’m not a veteran but I’m not part of the new crowd, I came to Fluther earlier in the year along with a few others when the site we used to use closed down.

Most of these guys are now here

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A year next month. You can tell how long a user has been here on their profile page.

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I was a veteran AB’er but a newbie to Fluther.

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what is this new influx or migration everyone is talking about?

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I’ve been a member here since March. So, not a veteran but not a newbie either. :)

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Member since: July 8th, 2007

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I’m from yahoo answers I thought the
jellyfishes were cute =)

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Im new, part of the new influx lol. From AB, happy to have found a new site :) Everyone is very welcoming here!

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I joined in July 2007, when I found the site among available iPhone Apps. I had been on Yahoo! Answers, but had not been active for several months there before I found Fluther.

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My one year Fluther anniversary was two days ago. The same day many from AB joined. :)

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joined December 4th, 2008

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@tyrantxseries and @jonsblond happy belated anniversary!

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how long do you need to be here to be a veteran?

@toomuchcoffee911 yay thanks

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New kid on the block here. on Answerbag for five years. thanks for the warm welcome you guys have given us. we know that we will have to earn our place here and we are willing to bide our time. thanks for having us. john

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just over a year and I visit every day.. at the moment,(I’m not studying right now).they really are my might sound sad but tis true…I love it here and am very protective over it

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I joined Christmas day of last year.

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@Blondesjon oh my…you’ve been working hard then!! :-)

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I came from, a now closed q&a site. I’ve been here since late March.

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Part of the AB refugees but I like this place, I think I’ll stay a while.

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member since July 2007 :D
and it’s been a wonderful ride!!! I know I dissapeared for like a year but I am fighting socilaism and that takes time :s

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Seven months. I wouldn’t call myself a veteran by any means; that’s for people who have been here for at least a year. Though that sounds a little lame when compared to five years on Answerbag. Didn’t realize AB had such a long history.

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I’m brand-spankin’ new :)

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There you go Mrs L, I just gave you a Minnow or a Lurva or something.

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June 2008. Not as long as others, but longer than most (I think)..

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I’ve been here for five months, and just try to tear me away. I’m not going anywhere.

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@Mandomike thanks—I gave you a fish stick!I cooked it myself!Lol!!

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I don’t know what constitutes a veteran… nor do I even remember how I got here. Fluther just sort of…. appeared…

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Unfortunately, I don’t remember. :( Deleted my first account, so I can’t find out when I joined. This account was created on June 11th, but my first account was created earlier. Maybe a couple months or so.

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6 months and 28 days!
or 18,316,800 seconds. I’ve even made a song about how many seconds…It sucks because it’s ever changing. Doh!

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I’ve been here about three months. It’s so addictive! I bring my laptop to class and have my notes in one window and fluther in the other. D:

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@Haleth, don’t get caught.

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I’ve been here for only a few days. I’m one of the AB refugees. I was there from ‘06—‘09.

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@Mandomike It’s a big lecture class. In the particular class where I have fluther open, the teacher goes on these massive wild tangents all the time before getting back on topic, and the rest of the time teaches from the book. I love this class, but while he’s tangenting I half pay attention and answer fluther questions with the other half of my brain. The teacher is this skinny doctoral student with a droopy moustache, and he has this schtick where it’s like he’s resigned to a horrible fate. When class got out on Friday afternoon, he heaved a really heavy sigh and said he was going home to watch America’s Next Top Model. If the vending machine doesn’t have the soda he wants or students talk too much in class- heavy sigh. He seems mildly amused/ indifferent to most of the students and treats us a lot like you would treat a bunch of cats. There’s an attendance policy, but usually I’ll have read the book by the time I get to class. I think the teacher should seriously have his own show or something; he’s hilarious.

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Joined March 7th, 2008 but took a seven month hiatus, putting active participation at about 14 months. Welcome to all the new fine flutherers from AB…..make yourself at home, learn lots and have fun.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Just got here a couple of days after nearly 6 years at AB (I joined AB 8 Jan 2004).
As you might guess, I tend to stay put so y’all better get used to me here :D

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I am another AB refugee hang with all my AB’rs hoping to share some smiles with everyone!

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I influxed in from AB today, have been exploring other Q+A sites and this one is nice, I hope to find a new home here:)

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Next month I’ll have been swimming with the jellies for two years.

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Second day here.

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Like two days. I went AWOL from AnswerAss.

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I had to actually look it up. May 13th, 2008

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I’ve been here on different accounts since March.

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You were Boots/Ken? Holy crap…I never knew that…my whole world has just been turned upside-down…

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Me, just new, why part of an influx? Im here, Im there and some places else aswell!!!

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been here since December 9th, 2008

and I’m a lurve whore

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@coffeenut Happy belated Fluther Anniversary! :D

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It was a year on December 11th. Happy BirthFluther to me! :)

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@jmah I knew we started around the same time but I didn’t realize we started on the same day. Happy belated to you too! :D

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@jonsblond Hey, we did! =) And, happy belated to you, Missy! =)

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I also came from the migration so I have been here 9 months!

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Over a year.

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