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Will I EVER walk again?

Asked by scamp (13129points) February 26th, 2008

I had knee surgery January 8th. I still can’t walk far without crutches after 7 weeks. The doctor transplanted stem cells from bone marrow in my thigh into a divot in my knee cap. Is it normal to be off my feet for this long?

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i was off for quite a while myself but i would ask my doctor if i were you. Seems like you should have start PT by now also.

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I’d also ask your doctor, best way to be sure.

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That’s the odd thing. He says no PT just yet. But i don’t see him agin till the 17th, so I think I will call him and let him know I’m not mcuh better..Thanks!

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Hmmm I had big time knee surgery and started PT in the hospital and was going to out-patient PT on the 6th day (on crutches). I understand if you wait too long for PT and the scar tissue starts to build up (and it always does) you are hosed!

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Thanks Cardinal. I hope it’s not too late for me. I guess I will call the doctor and ask him why he hasn’t sent me for PT yet. I guess My new name will be gimpy from now on!!

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I hope you are on your feet by now. When I saw this was your first question, I thought you might have gotten into some kind of accident to were you were paralyzed. I think it varies with age when healing from surgery.

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Thanks AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA. I am still not healed all the way, but I am back to work and on the mend. There was another thread here where some of us compared knee surgery experiences , and I found out that it may take a whole year before I feel “normal” again. I still use a cane if I am going to do alot of walking, but I get around ok otherwise.

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