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How do you waste time on the internet?

Asked by syz (35649points) February 26th, 2008

I can never figure out how people while away so much time on the internet. (I come here and and that’s about it.) What are your favorite sites? (Excluding porn!)

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stumble.. An extension for firefox
and fluther of course

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I talk to some friends on a message board, exchange forwards in e-mail, play a few online games, and watch for lions at

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It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the SA forums have great specialized forums on tons of different topics. And yes, it costs $10 to register to keep out morons.

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stumbleupon greatest thing ever. But be warned for if you download it you will surely lose your life. I am constantly telling myself at bedtime “ok just one more site” which usually goes on for hours. I also waste a lot of time on this site.

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I don’t really visit sites just to waste time. I’ve tried StumbleUpon but it wasn’t really my thing.
However, after discovering RSS feeds I now start in Google Reader to get up-to-date with news in all areas that interest me. That can take a while each day to catch up. And then there’s Fluther of course ;-)

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I am always looking at deals:,,,….

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@felipelavinz that site looks rather interesting. You wouldnt mind sending me an invite would you?

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@uberbatman: actually, I don’t even have an account there, I just really enjoy seeing what other people post… I’ve been using though, which is pretty much the same idea (let’s say… social image bookmarking), but registration is open… and they have a pretty cool Firefox extension, so I really like it!

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stumbleupon is so fun. it takes you to a random website based on the interests you select in the beginning. ive found some pretty addicting games, awesome pictures, and all kinds of other great stuff.

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i’m addicted to all things handmade.

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