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Does your radio station play all Christmas music, all the time, in December?

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10540points) December 14th, 2009

Mine does, starting right after Thanksgiving. It’s driving me nuts!

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You own a radio station? Which one?

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I listen to NPR.

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I should clarify: the radio station you listen to, not (necessarily) one you own. :-)

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The oldies station in my area (WTRY 98.3) switches to a holiday station. They continue to play their oldies playlist on their website’s feed.

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This one does: KATZ-FM and it started in early November.

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Nah, I listen to about two different stations…and while they do mostly play crap, and some Xmas shit during this jolly season, they don’t play it non stop.

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What about the stores? From early in Thanksgiving week, it’s Christmas songs all day every day. Enough to keep me out of stores…I feel for the poor salespeople who have to listen to that constantly.

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NPR girl, as well, so, no.

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Yes, & it’s irritating as hell. I went to an different station. Mine started in early November, too. I’m back to it now, tho. I’m finally in the mood to listen to Christmas music. Especially since there’s almost 2’ of snow on the ground.

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We have one station here that pays Christmas music non-stop Thanksgiving through Christmas. The rest of them vary.

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I have satellite radio. There are about 10 Christmas stations now, but they have something like 90 music stations and a bunch of talk stations, so it doesn’t really bother me. I’m mostly listening to 1st wave and XMU. (Post punk, indie rock.)

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@skfinkel ~ that is why, at this time of year in particular, I wear my iPod while shopping at certain stores. It’s also nice for drowning out screaming babies and bickering couples.

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Me NPR girl, too.

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no way!! i wouldnt listen in if it did – as far as im concerned they play too much of the same christmas toons every year eww, not nice :)

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No,they play Christmas music only on Christmas.

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I think I have to agree with @aprilsimnel on this.

I avoid the radio at all costs, especially around the holidays.

I like Christmas carols and such as much as any person, but hearing non-stop pop-star covers of holiday music kind of puts a damper on my Christmas cheer.

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One of our local stations does. I would say it grates on me, but if not for them I never would have heard Walking Round in Woman’s Underwear and that made me laugh out loud!

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no, only occasional Christmas
music…............ shame, they could put more on !!

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@SuperMouse: Is that by Bare Naked Ladies?

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Mine plays all Howard, all the time.

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@SABOTEUR: I’m sorry to hear that…

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