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How many of these foods do you have in your diet?

Asked by 6rant6 (13700points) December 16th, 2009

These are all supposed to be super healthy foods. I think they should appear in most people’s diets, but I’d like to get confirmation. How many are in yours?
Green beans

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I eat these often: oatmeal, strawberries, almonds, eggs, cinnamon
I eat these sometimes: carrots, beans, blueberries, garlic
I almost never eat: green beans, avocados, yogurt

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Everything except the avocados. I can’t stand the texture so I get my monounsaturated fats some other way! And the beans would depend on what kind.

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Four times a week or more


Not often
Green beans

I like spinach, cooked and raw, I think that should move up my list

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All of them except yogurt. I only eat eggs from happy chickens which is hard to verify so they are pretty few and far between as well.

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From your list I do not like:


So I do not eat those. I also eat very little garlic, because it makes me feel icky, and I love almonds, but if I eat too many I pay later.

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I never eat yogurt, I can’t stand the stuff.

I rarely eat spinach, blueberries, strawberries or almonds, although I really do like them. I really should buy them more often.

I eat the rest very often, every other day, if not every day.

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Carrots – weekly
Green beans – not often
Onions – daily
Spinach – not often
Oatmeal – almost daily (5–6 times a week)
Beans – a few times a week
Avocados – weekly
Blueberries – when in season, almost daily
Strawberries – when in season, almost daily
Almonds – a few times a week
Yogurt – almost daily
Eggs – almost daily
Cinnamon – daily
Garlic – almost daily

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I eat all of them. Some of them lots of times per week, others on occasion. Love love love avocados but they are expensive…

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All of them weekly and most almost everyday. Oatmeal virtually every day with fruit and Avocado being the least consumed along with onions as I love onions but they don’t agree with me and that makes others near me very angry!

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All of them except avocadoes which I cannot stand!! (what no brocoli??)

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All but avocado.I keep a simple diet.I think it’s healthier and I don’t like to cook .

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I eat all of that and more.

Except carrots. Carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. I wish they would leave me alone.

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All of them.

But, you left out pizza.

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All of them except for strawberries – I’m allergic to them. Otherwise that looks like a list of many of my favorite foods.

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I eat all of them, but the yogurt and avocado is only occasionally.

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I eat 5 off that list: carrots, beans, almonds, yogurt, cinnamon

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Everything weekly except avocado, which, sadly, I don not like. Add brown rice and complex carbs and you have 90% of my regular diet.

Breakfast in winter is, daily, some steel-cut cooked oats, a T of ground flaxseed oil, some cinnamon, some sunflower seeds, some prunes, some walnuts, almonds or unsweetened coconut.

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I eat everything on that list, rather often. Not on purpose though; I just happen to like all those things.

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I eat everything on that list except Almonds. I dislike nuts, which is a shame because I know they’re very healthy..but I just can’t eat them. I’m also not a huge fan of onions, but it depends on the meal.

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@casheroo: What if they are sautéed until caramelized? (Or hidden, when minced very small, in soup or stew or omelet?)

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@gailcalled That’s usually the only way I like them..but definitely not in my omelets. I don’t like onions for breakfast. They are a must for pot roast, though.

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I eat everything on the list except for cinnamon. I rarely eat oatmeal, strawberries, or garlic.

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eggs! i eat those too

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Eleven. Most of those are staples at our house.

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Everything except the strawberries, which I cannot bear, and blueberries, which are very difficult to find in the UK (and very expensive when you do find them). Avocados are one of my favourite things.

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At least 8 on regular basis, some more than others obviously.

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11 out of the group. Not daily but throughout the month! I LOVE LOVE LOVE garlic and onions. The Blueberries & Almonds I LOVE but the price is too high on them. I enjoy the Avacado but don’t put it into anything except a taco dip.

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I eat tons of yogurt and eggs. I eat one or the other (sometimes both) every day.

Moderate amounts of carrots, spinach, oatmeal, onions, beans, strawberries, garlic, cinnamon and almonds. It varies by the week, since I live alone and wouldn’t be able to finish my food if I bought some of each every week! It all gets cycled through though.

Rarely do I eat green beans, avocados, or blueberries. Just don’t like them.

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All but two: avocados and yogurt

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No fruits, vegetables or dairy thanks.

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@ratboy I hope you take a damn good multivitamin.

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Carrots – Rarely
Green beans – Sometimes
Onions – Regularly
Spinach – Sometimes
Oatmeal – Never
Beans – Never
Avocados – Never
Blueberries – Sometimes
Strawberries – Daily
Almonds – Sometimes
Yogurt – Daily
Eggs – Regularly
Cinnamon – Never
Garlic – Regularly

Something that isn’t listed that I have alot : Broccolli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Leek

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@downtide – Blueberries are very easy to find, all supermarkets have them.. haha, Tesco, Waitrose, I’m sure Asda and the others have them too.

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“Baby” Carrots – yes, pretty often
Green beans – every once in a while
Onions – not often, mostly with mushrooms or in restaurant salads
Spinach – in omelettes Sunday mornings & in restaurants
Oatmeal – often for breakfast, unless I have probiotic low-fat yogurt with low-fat granola
Beans – occasionally
Avocados – rarely (mostly in guacamole)
Blueberries – whenever they’re on sale (love them in yogurt & add them to salads)
Strawberries – occasionally
Almonds – often, mostly in salads
Yogurt – most mornings for breakfast, unless I have oatmeal
Eggs – on Sunday mornings
Cinnamon – rarely. I add to French Toast and oatmeal
Fresh Garlic – every once in a while when cooking (I almost always add some garlic powder to pizza)

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Carrots – almost every day
Green beans – ditto
Onions – daily
Spinach – what is that?
Oatmeal – almost every day
Beans – twice or thrice a week
Avocados – only when in season (between July and December)
Blueberries – never seen them
Strawberries – never see them here at affordable prices
Almonds – seldom; I prefer peanuts (even if they are not a nut)
Yogurt – occasionally
Eggs – every day
Cinnamon – occasionally, as flavouring
Garlic – almost every day
In addition: I eat cabbage, pat choy, pumpkin, tomato, string beans, lettuce, cucumber and similar vegetables.

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I love green beans with either lemon mayonnaise or aioli. Good stuff!

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I eat everything on that list, along with a lot of things that aren’t there such as celery, lettuce, peaches, cherries, and much, much more. I don’t get avocados more than once a month, because it’s too expensive, and too high in cholesterol.

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I often eat:

Carrots (cooked or raw)
Green beans (so good with olive oil and sea salt!)
Spinach (sandwiches, salads, cooked, raw)
Avocados (guacamole on toast is yummy)
Yogurt (my favorite prepared dairy product)
Cinnamon (my preferred sweet flavoring)
Garlic (my preferred salty flavoring)

I sometimes eat:


I rarely eat:


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Keep in mind that berries out-of-season are imported from Central and S. American countries that spray nasty stuff.

The twelve most tainted fruits and veggies (non-organic): Source

Bell peppers (green and red)
Spinach (tied with number 2)
Cherries (grown in the United States)
Peaches (grown in Chile)
Cantaloupe (grown in Mexico)
Green beans

Another longer list;

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I buy only from my farmer’s markets now. Expensive but I can get cheap jeans and t-shirt s at the used clothing stores. It is a balance that makes sense to me. A pint of organic berries and a used t-shirt each cost $5.00.

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All except blueberries and avocados.
Some of course depend on the season
And almond and cinnamon only when needed in a reciepe.

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all of them….cinnamon lowers blood sugar…...

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All except for garlic unless it’s part of a sauce prepared by a restaurant.

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All of them. My biological father has diabetes and his brother died of it. So I’m kind of a little health nut….but I always see room for improvement. Always trying to do better and for me and my family. I want my kids to eat REAL food and know the harmful affects of processed, so called-convenient foods. That stuff needs to be outlawed! They (government) wonder why we’re all sick, obese, depressed….look around the grocery store….hideous “food” everywhere filled with junk that is killing us and making us sick.

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