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How much of your life is ruled by routine?

Asked by Polly_Math (1738points) December 21st, 2009

Do you have fairly a rigid schedule that you follow each day?
Do you primarily “go with the flow?”
Are you a type A or type B personality?
Is there any hint of OCD in your behavior?

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Not much of my life is ruled by routine and I like it that way. I don’t think I am type A, I think of myself as generally laid back, but I do like to have things how I want them as I get older.

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I’m a little bit weird when it comes to scheduling. I’m a pretty bad procrastinator. However, I still feel a major need to stick to the plan and am not a “go with the flow” type of person at all. So I kind of always lag behind time-wise, but I still have to get things done the way I planned and by a certain time. Once I have a plan for something, it has to be absolutely perfect…I’m an extreme perfectionist, so there is a definite hint of OCD in me. So time-wise, I rarely even bother to schedule because I know I will never follow it, but as for the specific turn-out of things, it’s a pretty rigid plan. I really prefer things “my way or the highway” and get very frustrated if they don’t turn out right.

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More then I am aware.

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95% is ruled by routine.

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A lot of my life is routine and yes i have OCD.

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My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine. My life is not ruled by routine.

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@Stargater Oh I think I do too Star!!! I guess you came by it naturally then! :)

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My life is 95% ruled by routine. It is good and bad. Good because I normally get all the things I need to get done… bad because it’s pretty boring!!! I do try to relax it a bit though .. but I guess I’m mostly comfortable with my routine.

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Well I work full time and have two babies so yes there has to be a routine – they eat at scheduled times, I get my oldest to and from school at specific times, I have yoga classes 3x a week (and the day and time of those doesn’t usually change) – even fun has to be planned and fought for..Saturday nights are nights for my husband and I to go do our own things and mom babysits…other than that, we’re what they say ‘are quick on the pick up’ in that if a plan is fun enough, we’ll drop everything and make it happen…

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Right now my life is 100% routine…I’m trying to break it but it’s harder than it seems on paper :p

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I struggle with change and for that reason I would say that a good 80% of my day is determined by routine. I hate that about myself but any major changes to the norm cause me to feel very, very anxious. I’m not great at going with the flow because I am frightened that something will go horribly wrong. It’s one of my worst qualities and I wish that I could be one of those people that just drop everything and follow their dreams without knowing or worrying about what may be round the corner.

Edit: I forgot to say that my behaviour and routine is mostly controlled by OCD.

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The majority of my daily life is routine and I’m okay with that, I’ve got good routines :)

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Only limited to the necessity of turning up for work on time, on the right days, to avoid getting fired. Not much routine outside of work, and I prefer it that way.

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Since my Son is Autistic I fellow a schedule in all things related to him. He is upset when things are not as he expects them to be.
I have come to realize that most people are more comfortable with a daily routine . Big surprises throw me off. I can cope with unusual events but I like having a routine .
On my Son’s break next week I must attempt to establish a break schedule . It is not easy.

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Mine is not at all, but I think I should make it more a routine, it just makes a person feel better and more secure, or so I am told.

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