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Why is the US still in Iraq?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

what is the real purpose we are in Iraq and why are we still there?

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because they cannot leave as the job is not done (and never will be). they dont know how to fight a war in a muslim country in the middle of the dessert surrounded by crazy suicide bombers. and OIL yes OIL always OIL. oooh and because george w. had to make it up to his father back from the Gulf War in 1991.

this war is going to go down as the biggest mistake in history. and i pity all those poor men and women in the army losing their lives over something so trivial as all of the above. i mean think of it the BILLIONS spent on a pointless war. imagine how many americans that could have helped in their own country. i dont know why more americans dont protest. but then George stole the first election and somehow won the second. you get what you vote for i suppose.

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I somewhat agree with the first answer yet as one of the worlds strongest contries I think that its good for us being there you may think that my reasoning is to nice but the people there (most of them atleast) have no choice about the war and they can not defend themselves and the children who live there are in constant strugal for there verry survival I know that there is more behind this issue but that I think is a good enough reason just by its self

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Because Bush is still in office.

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Oil and power. Duh?

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I think all the answerers here have nailed it so far and another thing is, our government never went into Iraq with any type of planned exit strategy whatsoever. That was a huge mistake.

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