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Downed Hotmail Service: How much you depend on Hotmail?

Asked by artemisdivine (1097points) February 27th, 2008

mine still is not working boo! Microsoft Restores Downed Hotmail Service Microsoft has fixed a technical glitch that locked out thousands of users around the world from their Windows Live accounts, Hotmail e-mail, and other Microsoft online services, the company said. Hotmail was created in 1996 by a pair of programmers who sold the service to Microsoft a year later. The service was rebranded from MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Hotmail last year as Microsoft looked to unify its online services under a single brand. Microsoft claims to have about 280 million Hotmail users.

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I left hotmail right after Microsoft bought it. I currently use gmail and it’s the best web-based email I’ve ever used. My wife still uses hotmail even though I’ve suggested that she switch. If they continue to have problems maybe I’ll be able to convince her.

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