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What are some good New Year's resolutions that are EASY to accomplish?

Asked by markyy (6257points) December 28th, 2009

I have a few New year’s resolutions that will be difficult to accomplish. This year I thought I would add some easier resolutions to the list, like registering to become an organ donor. I’m hoping crossing off some of these feel-good resolutions will give the morale boost I’ll need in difficult times.

You could look at it as cheating, but this way the smaller yet important resolutions, like becoming an organ donor, won’t get overlooked for a change. Everyone benefits.

Let’s not make this another question about sharing all of your resolutions for 2010!

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write down one thing every day that you are thankful for…

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If we are both still alive when the new year comes again (that is pretty likely), I shall love and be with my wife.

That one is no effort.

I have no real New Year’s resolutions. I either forget about them or do not carry them out. I shall officially make the “wife” one so I can finally say that I completed one.

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@lynneblundell Great answer, that’s going to be on my list!

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Remember to tell people in your life how much you care about them. I think we all take certain people in our lives for granted and forget to tell them how much we appreciate them.

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Think of something that you do well already, and resolve to do it better.
Practice courteousness with cashiers whenever you encounter them.
Speak to your neighbors when you see them—first.
Shine your shoes on a regular basis.
Don’t buy anything new without giving something away.

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I am going to resolve to not resolve for anything.

Wait, that’s not making much sense now that I think about it…

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@XOIIO That is my customary “New Year’s resolution.” It makes perfect sense.

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I resolve to continue chain-smoking and drinking too much Scotch.

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If you want to lose weight but diets and exercise fall into the Hard category, an easy resolution is to begin counting calories. It’s quick, and gives you an interesting view of food which will likely help you lose weight. There are several online, or get the iPhone LoseIt app.

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Keep breathing.
Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

They only sound easy.

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I thought of this when I saw just the title of the question, seeing the details I think you’ll be willing to do this: start donating blood. It’s really no biggie compared to how you’re helping other people, and, well, you’re helping other people :)

Oh, and you could also strive to convince others to donate.

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Counting to 10. :D

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I thought new years resolutions were meant to be difficult…

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I generally resolve to do something ultra-simple, I’ve almost never failed.

Resolve to get up the next day.

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It’s easy to keep a resolution when you don’t make one, seems to work for me.

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Gain five pounds.

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@jayy, I thought new years resolutions were meant to be difficult…

You’re confusing it with Lent, when you break out the hair shirts, and make life as miserable as possible for yourself in order to feel worthwhile.

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Make a commitment not to give up on the important things in your life. Keep working for them despite that achieving them is often a slow procress. Results are not easy to see every day .

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Go on Fluther.

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Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach! Will make it a lot less tempting to buy all that delicious food they have :)

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I am thankful for my gin and tonic! no. 1…done! x

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Get along with ALL your family members.

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