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If Fluther were to end tomorrow would you relocate elsewhere?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 30th, 2009

If so where to or would you try & revive this site yourself?

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I think I just had a panic attack at the thought!!!!!!

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I would help @johnpowell, who, I’m sure, would be reviving it.

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I would finally be free!!! FREE I TELL YA!!! FREEEEEEEE!

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I am on a listserv with 125 of my college classmates. I would stick to it.

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Probably not specifically. I would find some other way to procrastinate. Or maybe I would just be more productive?

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Eh – probably not. I think this site and its personality has grown pretty organically over the years and the founders have established a culture that wouldn’t be that easy to duplicate elsewhere.

If another, long-time Flutherer started one that had some aspects, maybe, but I’ve seen many other Q&A sites and they just lack the maturity, wisdom, insight and generosity that this site does.

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Yes…I’m already on another site that’s members only by invitation. It’s not open to the general public. So I’d go there full time.

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I’d eat a lot of fish and hibernate until the new airow is up.

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I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’d just read more blogs. There just isn’t another QA site like this one.

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I doubt it. My last site might as well have gone belly up, if Fluther went away I figure I was a jinx to Q&A sites and just stick to making prank phone calls.

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@gemiwing i totally agree

If Fluther ended I would stop viewing Q&A sites.

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No, nothing else would be the same.

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I’ll be honest and say yes, I probably definately would. but where I dunno. This is a good and popular site though so is it likely?

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This is my last attempt. I’d switch off the computer and go back to books and classical music. Things like Assbook or invitation-only sites make me want to throw up.

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I don’t know. Guess we’ll have to see.

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I’d be done. I don’t actually have the time for fluther as it is, but I stay because I love it here. If fluther would to die, I’d be done as well.

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I’d probably relocate to the living room where the TV is. No other Q&A sites for me, Fluther is one of a kind.

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@zephyr826 I feel the same as you.

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I’d wait for some Flutherites to attempt to recreate the group and join that one. If they needed help, and I could manage to do so, then I would help.

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@baileysmom12 made me smile! Fluther has been a lifesaver for me! Years ago a talk radio station I listened to went off the air, I felt sucker punched. Guess it would be the same with Fluther. Some days I spend mostly in bed, TV was eating my brain cells and I read until my eyes popped.

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No. I like the founders, design of fluther. Not going to get that anywhere else. It’s personal and well-maintained. Nice community of people; good stuff. Found it by accident wouldn’t bother going in search of a replacement if it went away.

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@baileysmom12 -I like the way you think! :)

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Ask MetaFilter. Which I’m still a part of.

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Nope. I’d go home and go to bed.

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I have a wee collection of Q&A sites I visit already. So, yes ~ I’d find another location to spend my evenings.

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I’ve been a member of online fora since 1990. Fluther is far from my first, and it’s probably far from my last.

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@faye I lost one of my radio talk shows too. I used to listen to Art Bell a lot. Guess that expalins a little me a little more,,huh?
@lucillelucillelucille Thank you, thank you very much….did you see my lip curl up on that one?? :):):)

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@baileysmom12 Art Bell morphed into The George Norry show after midnight where I live. I sometimes turn it on if I’m wakeful. Strange but interesting sometimes.

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@baileysmom12 -Yes!and where did you get that white jumpsuit??

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I’d camp out on Ben or Andrew’s doorstep and hold my breath until Fluther returned.

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I would just continue to happily do my farming and run my cafe on Facebook!! Honestly, I think we’d all survive!!

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I wouldn’t find another Q&A site. I like everything about Fluther, from the thoughtfulness of the content to the little jokes to the jellyfish art. I like thinking about people’s problems and writing, so I might start a blog or write some more stories. Actually, I’d probably be a hell of a lot more productive.

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2012 already?

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I wasn’t on one before Fluther; I don’t remember how I found my way here. But I probably wouldn’t look for another site…

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@jeffgoldbloomsprivatefacilities: Exactly. Except I’d be playing “Under the Sea”.

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Well I just relocated from Answerbag, I guess I could do it again.

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