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Looking for great boxer shorts -- good quality and on the longer side. Any suggestions?

Asked by Elfman (449points) January 6th, 2007
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boxers or boxer briefs?
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Depends on what price point you are looking for. To spend on the high side, I would go with Banana Republic, but to get boxers that are virtually the same for so much less (and made really by the same company and thus the same small children with poor working conditions) try old navy. and, you can get old navy boxers right now for $1.97 at the store--post christmas sale.
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patagonia. you will thank me and only second-guess the price before you wear them.
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my SO is hooked on the long sonoma brand boxers from kohls. they only show up in the spring and are on clearance by the end of summer. they have pockets, an open fly, and come in a variety of plaids. apparently, they are incredibly comfortable – he changes into a pair every evening. i have seen him wear them under casual, athletic-wear type pants, but not jeans or khakis

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