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How would I make my own mormon underwear?

Asked by mightylime (8points) February 11th, 2007
Next week I'd like to do something of a personal cleanse with my friends. We are calling it Mormon week because we are planning to refrain from cussing, smoking, pre-marital intercourse, R rated movies, lying, stealing, drinking, and other activities that don't fit in with the Mormon Word of Wisdom. We're not Mormons, so we don't have access to the Mormon underwear. I've found a picture of the garments on Wikipedia, however I am not quite sure how I should go about making my own pairs of men's and women's Mormon underwear. Perhaps someone who has experience with these garments could provide some pointers.
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I believe the Mormons would rather have you not make replicas of their underwear. But you probably know that. With that said, I think they're made of linen. You could probably embroider your own designs--or you might know what the designs look like already.
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Don't forget to give up coffee & tea, too.
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There are various symbols on the actual garments, described here:
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as far as i can tell, wearing the underwear doesn't actually help with refraining from all that fun stuff. it more has to do with belonging to a religion that teaches you to be ashamed of your body. if you want to cleanse yourselves, why not also cleanse yourselves of repressive, patriarchal dogma and agree not to deny your natural (some would even say god-given) physicality and sexuality?
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Couldn't you just take a pair of long-johns and add a bazillion buttons to the front? I know it's not nearly authentic, and it'll take a whole lot of time, but it might give a reasonable facsimile for your purposes.
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Just go by a Jockey t-shirt and some Calvin Kline sports briefs (or whatever they're called) and you've got it. There are some symbols on the Mormon ones, and I'm sure you could find them somewhere, but they are sacred to Mormons and I personally don't like mocking any religion or faith so I wouldn't go there. I guess I probably wouldn't go as far as wearing fake garments, although I'm sure abstaining from those items you mentioned would be beneficial - Buddhist monks/strict Buddhists also abstain from most of those things.

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I dont really have any input on the undies, but I think thats a hilarious idea

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Being a Mormon I find most of your remarks offensive.
@andrew. I am very surprised that you participate in this type of conversation. Wow man!

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Wow. Nowhere in the mormon beliefs does it teach a person to be ashamed of their body. In fact, bodies are considered special gifts from God. Sexuality is also considered to be God-given, but is meant to be between a husband and wife. The garments are to remind a person of promises they’ve made (e.g. you promise to be faithful to your spouse).

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I’m not exactly sure how to manufacture the undergarments, but I do have a sweet pair I would probably sell. Let me know if your interested.

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These are very sacred to the LDS and this is very offensive. Why would you want to mock them this way? The garments are as @tehbomdiggity said a reminder of promises made to God, Family, Church and Self. Do you mock other people and religions with such distain? Would you like others taken something you hold very sacred to you and to mock it?

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