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It's official - the mousification of Marvel and Spider-Man et al has begun. Horrors?

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) December 31st, 2009

Will that mean a wimpier X-Men and Spider-Man?

Will we actually miss DC comics and their rather homogeneous (read: boring) crop of heroes like Superman and Batman?

Oy vey – where’s Stan the Man when you need him?

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I don’t think so but it seems like they got a bargain at 4 billion.

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E.g., I’d much rather see the Hulk fight the Abomination than wonder about who he’s going to take to the Misunderstood Scientist’s Ball. ;-)

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This is really old news. Stan Lee was extremely excited about this.

Overall the reaction from comic books peeps I know is that the increased capital will allow Marvel Comics to take more risks on new lines of comics.

DC has been owned by WB for quite some time. I don’t think we’ll see much of a difference with Marvel.

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@andrew I just saw the news item. Did not know that.

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What Andrew said.

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Ughhh. I really hope this doesn’t mean the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana will be making comic book appearances alongside our superheroes.

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Hey maybe we’ll get to see Batman with his sidekick Mickey Mouse.

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My dream is to see The Hulk storm through It’s a Small World ride…I’d pay to see that!

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@sndfreQ Ha! Best mental image that I’ve had in a while.

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@Zen_Again- You might enjoy reading this.

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@AstroChuck You’re right – but I just saw the article and it was dated yesterday. Hmmm – I am not on top of the entertainment business happenings, that’s for sure. Sulks and heads for a corner.

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@Zen_Again- I wasn’t busting your balls or anything. I just thought you might like that thread. :-)

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I know @AstroChuck but I still feel like an idiot.

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Then welcome to my world.

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Uhm, Batman is a DC Comics character. Which is owned by Warner Bros. Since we haven’t seen Superman alongside Elmer Fudd, I think it’s unlikely Wolverine will be dragging Pluto along on his next trip to Alaska.

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The process of “mousification” ended years ago.

There was a time when Disney was a clearly recognizable brand. Now, Disney is practically generic as the only thing that separates a Disney film from any other film is it’s logo.

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@Pretty_Lilly : Excellent observation.

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