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How to relieve itching hives?

Asked by MAX2000 (2points) January 1st, 2010


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Aveeno bath is expensive but soothing.

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Like @pdworkin says, Aveeno helps. You can also take a handful of oatmeal and dump it in the bathwater to let it soak. If you have some cheesecloth, put it in the cheesecloth, if not, dump a handful in. This is not as good as Aveeno but it can help.

Benadryl also will help since hives are usually an allergic reaction. Caladryl and calamine lotion also will help.

Big thing is to try to not scratch. That just makes it worse. I know that that is difficult.

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Aveeno is what I was going to suggest too. Take a tepid – not hot – bath and soak in it with the product. If you want to make your won, there are directions here:

If you are still miserable, an over-the-counter antihistamine like Benadryl can help a great deal.

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Hydrocotrisone is available over the counter. The Dermatologist can prescribe stronger ones like Clobestasol cream.

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alovery? not sure if thats how to spell it.

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Benadryl pills.

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