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Linking two routers together?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) January 3rd, 2010

I live in an old house and I need to move my router because of the walls its interfering with internet signals to my room, but I only have one long cord and my modem plugs into the router and then my main computer plugs into the router and doesn’t have a wireless card so I can’t make it wireless. So I wanna just plug my router into another router and move the second router to my living room. So from what I read I just have to disable the dchp on the second router, but do I have to install the router onto any computers or plug it into the modem or can I just use my wireless internet and plug into the second router and change the setting? I’m also not sure what the default the IP address is for the Belkin router is to get to the router setting website, is there anyway I can find it? FYI I’m plugging a Belkin into a Linksys router.

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Belkin use as the root address for its routers

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Using Static Routing between the routers is fine, but consider changing addresses from the defaults since it is more secure to have passwords on the routers with non-default addresses. Most vendors have customer service listings on their sites the reproduce manuals. You may need to cycle the power on the routers in sequence some times to get them to re-initialize. Also Comcast and some other providers expect one consistent IP address at the output of their modem and may lock you out after changes. They want to lease you a router and know how many computers are on your network.!

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To find the router’s default IP address, download the manual from the mfg’s web site.

Or plug your computer into it, reboot (or at least restart the network card). I am assuming you are using Windows.
Go to Start – > Run
Type “cmd” without the quotes
A DOS window pops up
Type “ipconfig” without quotes
The router address will be labeled “Default Gateway”

As to plugging them together:
Turn off DHCP on the 2nd router
Give it an IP address in the 1st routers range
For example if the 1st router is, make the 2nd one
Connect the routers using LAN (not WAN or Internet) ports

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Okay so I got the router changed to an access point and then I was suppose to change the LAN and disable the dchp, but the damn router kicked me off the router website and won’t let me back on. any ideas? Is this what you were talking about wek?

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If you were able to give it a static IP, maybe your browser is trying to hit the old IP instead of the new one?

And are you connecting by wire or wireless?

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When i trying accessing the ipconfig it says the gateway IP address is the same as my other router and it changed the IP address and that wont get me on the website and neither will the old one. Is there a way I can just erase what I did to the router and start over? I was told there can only be one dchp on a network so if i disable the dchp on the other router will it mess up my network I already have?

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There should be a reset button to return to factory settings. Usually it’s recessed and you have to use a paperclip or ballpoint pen to push it. With the power on, push the button for 10 seconds.

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