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Ring the siren, which other jelly has made it into the 10k clubhouse?

Asked by Tink (8668points) January 4th, 2010 from iPhone

Our very own ubersiren has just reached 10k!

Congratulations! Your posts are worth reading, and those points are well deserved.

edit: And a mommy-to-be? Even more reason to celebrate!

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Ah, yay!!! Congrats, mama-to-be!! We all lurve you here!!!

You will be fully pampered in the luxury suite, lady!!!

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Ah… Now she’s in. Congrats ubersiren!

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Congrats ubersiren!

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Congrats to you!!!

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Congrats ubersiren! Good on ‘ya momma-to-be!

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Happy 10K!! Much Lurve!!

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Way to go!

Welcome to the Mansion!

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Mazel Tov™, ubersiren!

You are a great, thoughtful and passionate Jelly and Mama-to-Be! Best of luck in all you upcoming endeavors!

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Hey. Congratulations.

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CONGRATULATIONS, Ubersiren! Thank you for many thoughtful, helpful entries!!!!

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Yay, happy 10K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much lurve to you, @ubersiren!

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Singing the Song of the Sirens just for you, UberSiren!

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All my congrats to you! All your posts definitely paid off!! HAPPY 10K DAY!

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Congratulations!! You’re a hell of a jelly, ubersiren.

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Congratulations! You deserve it!

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Congratulations! 10K with a jelly bean on the way!

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Congrat’s. That’s a big number.

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Lovely! Congratulations!

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Hot dog!!! Good deal. Congrats. :-)

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::bolting over from the “wave/motion” thread::


Zur besten Sirene Mutter zum zu sein im vollständigen Fluther, Glückwünsche auf erreichenden 10.000! Willkommen zur Villa 10K! Pfannkuchen für jeder!

Well, you’re the Übersiren, right? So that’s my best cod German, thanks to Babelfish.

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What wonderful news. The recent additions to the 10k lurve lounge have added a bit of flair and a bunch of fun and @ubersiren is no exception. It’s not getting crowded up here…’s downright hot, cozy and crazy and I, for one, am loving it. Congratulations @ubersiren…..the party is on!!!
See ya…....Gary/wtf

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Congratulations! I hear the 10k mansion has hot tubs full of pudding and heated toilet seats. Enjoy!

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Congratulations @ubersiren!
10K way to go!!! :)

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Yay! Congrats! :)

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Congrats ubersiren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice job! now let’s party!

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All right girl. Congrats! You are a faboo jellie.

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Congratulations @ubersiren! You are very deserving of this honor and your posts are informative. A real coup for the collective!

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Ooo La La! Magnifique! Congrats to a great contributer!

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Whoo-hoo! Congrats!

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Echoes miron like Siren with endurance like a liberty bell.

Felicidades! 10K

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Congratulations! I definitely felt a connection to you from the start, and I’m happy to consider you a friend :)

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Yes yes yes!!! Another wonderful addition to the mansion! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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Congratulations!!! Party on!!

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I’ve been searching and searching for this q – congratulations!

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Congratulations @ubersiren – you deserve the recognition!

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Yippee for you. A great accomplishment. Congrats b

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Oh Happy Day!!!! Congrats to you @ubersiren ! Don’t get to excited,and no champagne for you until after the baby is here. I am ordering up an elaborate but relaxing birthing room in the mansion so you won’t even have to leave when the blessed event happens.

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Congratulations. We are all so proud!

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Congratulations!! Looking forward to more!

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Congrats to one of my favorite jellies!!

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Welcome to the 10k lounge. So glad to finally see you here!

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Very best wishes and congratulations to the siren of sirens, an always intelligent and often provocative contributor.

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A passing porpoise told of the 10K and Poseidon has drawn me from the the fluther depths to share in the celebration of the ubersiren.

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Way to go Siren! Uber-partying for an Uber-jelly! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

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Wow! I wish you congratulatory congratulationary congratulations! Welcome to Klub 10K!


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Well that’s it – it’s official. You are now mondosiren!!

Nice work and best of luck with the bambina(o).

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Congratulations to you, good work and welcome!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Vot Lezem!(tm)

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Uber congrats @ubersiren!!!

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It’s an uber ubersiren! Congratulations!

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@pd shouldn’t it be (mt)?

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where’s the cake???

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Hoorah, @ubersiren! Huzzah!

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Holy moly! Thank you, everyone for your congratulations and well-wishes. I’m so excited to have arrived, and even more excited that you all noticed and came to the party. :o) Fluther has been the most quality online addition to my life. I always learn something new and am thoroughly entertained by you all! So much lurve to each!

Edit: We’re thinking of naming the baby Bendrewtim Jellyfish Mays.

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Late to the party congratulations Uber!!! You are a fantastic addition to The Collective!

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Great job ubersiren. Keep on lurvin’!

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I’m a little late but here is a very big CONGRATULATIONS to you @ubersiren!! =)

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Happy, happy, happy! Do a dance for Ubersiren! Congratulations you jelly you!

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YAY!!!! waves arms in the air Congrats!!!

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@ubersiren: “Bendrewtim Jellyfish Mays”

Sounds like a blues musician.

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@cprevite Brilliant! Just brilliant! I wish you had been around to make suggestions when I was naming my boys!

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A big congrats and cheers to you @ubersiren!

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Congratulations @ubersiren !

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Ah ha! I have heard the siren call and must respond: Congratulations!

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Congratulations :)

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Well what do you know,surprises keep on coming! :D Happy fucking 10k day! :) You deserve it! Partayyyyyy!

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Congrats I didn’t know about this site til I just happened upon it… It looks very interesting and informative… Great Site And Great JOB reaching 10k guys.

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