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Why does my dog chew the crotches out of my panties and pants...and is there a way to stop him from doing this?

Asked by ava (971points) January 5th, 2010

My dog seems to be a bit of a perv and is always chewing the crotches out of my panties and pants. I try to keep them out of his reach, but he seems to be a crotch fanatic. Is there anything I can do do curb this behavior?

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Yes. Put your underwear and pants into the dirty laundry basket right away.

I’ve had this issue since becoming pregnant. The dog has ruined many pairs of my underwear, but it’s my own fault for not putting them in the basket.
Other than that, nothing will stop a dog from being gross.

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I have been doing that, but he figured out how to jump into the basket and how to open the door to the closet I keep the basket in.

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Wear crotchless panties?

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@Allie, that’s not a bad idea.

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@ava Your SO will like it too! Bonus!

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Could I be eating something that causes this…or is there something I could eat that would deter this behavior?

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My dog does this too it can be clean underwear and he will go right for them. He even found a way to find the panties and pull them out of the little holes in the hamper. He has it down to a science I have no idea why he does this, but the only thing that works is to put them in the hamper and then shut it in the closet.

Just curious is it a male or female dog?

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@ava Don’t mind @Allie She obviously works for a crotchless panty promoter. Or is a pornstar trying to recruit you.

Seriously though, my dog can’t open doors and I’m shocked that yours can. Other than getting a lid for the basket, then I’m out of ideas. and apparently your dog has thumbs, so he might be able to open the lid…

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get a lid with a latch on it?

why is this so shocking? dogs have been loving the taste of kitty for thousands of years!~

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My dog is an 11 month old male who is fixed.

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@ava Don’t know if it is a connection, but most of my girlfriends whose dog does this tend to be males. Mine is as well and he is fixed I don’t know though.

@eponymoushipster Dirty Monkey!! :)

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How big is your dog?

Won’t just putting everything on hangers in the closet do the trick or is he a Great Dane or something?

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Bite his wiener.

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Try leaving a new dryer sheet in the hamper. My parents started leaving them in around their basement to keep mice away and it seems to be working. I guess animals don’t like the smell. They say it works for ants too, but that sounds more far fetched.

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Sounds like a real horndog. You need to put chinese hot mustard and raw shrimp in pair. You will break him of the habbit.

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Say what??? I have never heard of this before. And it seems to be common. Is there a certain breed of dog that is attracted to panties? Must be some kinda new-fangled designer dog. Are the jean and panties designer brands? ;-)

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Our dog does that. I think it’s just a dog ‘thing’ though. Not to be gross or anything, but they like the smell. But dogs also like to eat poop, snotty kleenexes and puke. Our other dog used to roll over a dead fish that she’d find at the lake. They just like gross stuff. We had to change all of our trash cans to ones that had lids that will lock or shut down in some way because of the things she’d find in there. You might want to try that with your hamper. Your dog won’t stop. Our dog is now 7 and it’s a win-win day for her if she finds a pair of underwear that’s been worn. (until she sees us and then she goes into guilt mode and won’t look at us)

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My grandfather exhibits similar behavior. Fortunately, he is toothless so he just gums the crotches of the soiled panties. I don’t think it’s just a dog thing.

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My dog wants anything and everything to do with feet. We have to keep our socks and shoes up out of reach and put away! I sympathize with you. I think you just need to put them in a place he can’t get to.

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I had no idea.

I used to have dogs but they were female and never did anything like that.
Boy…. the things I have learned since I became a jelly.

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HA HA HA! Yep, my dog loves the crotches in panties too. Ewww, apologies for being too disgusting but sometimes I have taken off underwear on the bathroom floor (he sits on the bathroom floor while I shower) and heard him licking with such intensity. Seriously gross – the wetter the better! LOL

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I have a FEMALE golden retriever who just started doing this. I guess she never had a chance since I keep my underwear out of her reach. But my bf TRIED to do laundry but ended up just leaving all the dirty clothes on the floor and she ate the crotch out of two of my panties that I found so far. But she also decided to eat my brand new dress that I got to wear once. So frustrating. I’m afraid to see what else she could have damaged.

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maybe Cesar knows…anyone have any Cesar connections? I want to hear what he would say!

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My female spayed Jack Russell does this to my wifes panties. I can not stand it. I’ve looked everywhere online and the answer seems to be something in between ” just a dog thing” and ” the dog just loves you and has some weird mom connection to you”. I don’t know. Best bet is to just keep it out of reach.

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My dose gets the same pair of thongs n keeps it b
y him.why?

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My dog after almost three years, has never attempted to do such a thing with underwear and trash. I would like to know why, after three years, for the dog to start doing this now. I take care of the dog well, eats good and has her treats, could anybody help me? Because I took this puppy from in front of Publix from a person that couldnt take care of her. But I cannot come home from work and have to clean house because of the dog.

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