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How long have you used Fluther?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) February 28th, 2008

This is my 24th hour :D LOL

I know this was a community before all us iPhoners crashed the party, but how long has it been around? How frequently do you check it?

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Squirbel, I am impressed. You’ve been a Flutherite for only 1 day and already your score is near 200.

I was an original beta tester for Fluther, and yet my score is a meager 400. I check frequently, but ask and respond more rarely.

I’m really happy to see Fluther growing so rapidly!

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I blame the fact that it’s on my phone…I refresh like every couple of minutes >.>

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Since July 9th, 2007 – I am an ‘iPhoner’

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My softcore porn question was seven months ago.. And I think that was my first visit.

I usually check it out daily.

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I’ve been a member for over a year, and check every single day (usually refresh home page about once every oh, say, 10 minutes?).

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ive been a member for a couple months and I check it about once a day. When I’m at work its much more often though cuz work is soooo boring.

Btw squirbel, nice work with the over 200 in 24 hours.

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I started yesterday too! Around 24 hours give or take.

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I really like Fluther! I used to participate on Y! Answers, but I don’t like sitting at my computer and they didn’t have an iPhone app…so it was hard to keep up with. Not to mention that it was hard to wade through the questions that could be answered with google or wikipedia to find fun things to answer…

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@theredjawa – then you’re now my fluther-sibling! :)


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last night

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Since October 2006. Some of us have loved Fluther, and its creators, for a long time!

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Since it first started walking in Beta test, in 2006.

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about 2 hours… Enjoying the simplicity of this

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I too arrived in early Dec. 2006. I am the aunt of one of the founders and won’t tell you how much time I have spent here. I have made many, many new friends and have been having a wonderful time. If you can write a clear, properly-spelled and unmoronic question, you too will have a wonderful time.

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Yay, Gail!!

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Yay, Peggylou. Are you and I now related?

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from the Beta

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October 2007

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Since July of last year. I was part of the influx after Fluther was mentioned in the New York Times (although now I can’t even remember what the article was about).

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Since November 29th, 2007
I was linked from a post on found the question
Why don’t we use more solar power? posted by segdeha
Being interested in Solar I signed up, and answered. thanks segdeha
Most days I check it, at work too, especially my two grave yard shifts.

Now you’ve been here a week and zoom right on by with the points, welcome to fluther.

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I only get them because other jellyfish are generous :)

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I’m fairly new to Fluther.

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4–5 days now…im a new flutherer! lol :]

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welcome to fluther!

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less than a week [=

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Greetings and salutations, nub. :)

Welcome to Fluther!

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