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Is wilderness camp good?

Asked by Jacob23 (51points) January 9th, 2010 from iPhone

I have to go to wilderness camp for a lil is it bad an what are some of the stuff you do there??

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Depends on the camp and what you’re hoping to get out of it.
I did a long Outward Bound trip as a teenager- does that count as wilderness camp or are you referring more to one of those programs that hope to reform bad behavior?

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ya that one bad hehavior

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Probably won’t be a picnic, but I don’t have any experience with the ones you’re describing.

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ow I dont thank it we be really bad I love the outdoors so.. Can u add me

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Add you to what?

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Ur freinds plz

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Only if you promise to use proper English, and not leet.

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ok I well sorry

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It is for a grizzly bear.

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I also did Outward Bound decades ago. Loved it. Pay attention when they tell you what to bring in terms of clothing and equipment, and follow those guidelines.

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Wilderness camp will not be so bad if you like camping, and don’t mind doing your share of the work. It’s a good way to get your act together. Sometimes that’s hard to do at school, if your friends don’t always make the best choices.

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Not really,only if you love and get used to it.
Imagine all the dangerous/annoying creature that may occur in your activities,especially at night!(ants,mosquito,leech,etc),and you must also survive without complete household facilities,but all the natural landscape and fresh air will makes you consider to like it.

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How long to you stay most of the time

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Depends on the program. When do you go?

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I dont know in like 3 weeks or so my mom still has to feel out papers have you been to one befor

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A kid who was close to our family went to one. It pretty much saved his life. Being in trouble all the time and doing the wrong thing is not a place where you feel good about yourself. The program gives you a chance to step back and put the pieces back together again.

Of his friends when he was your age, one was shot to death by another friend in a drug deal, and one overdosed.

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oww did he like it an what are some of the stuff he had to do

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Lots of hiking, rock climbing, caring for animals, riding, sleeping outside. They built a shelter to sleep in on one hike. Saw bears. They also did school work, and chores. And they talked to counselors, and worked through a lot of the problems that led to being there.

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ow dose not ssound to to bad i dont know just have to wait an find out I guess

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Barbara Walters (now adult) daughter has spoken quite openly about how helpful it was for her.

Evidently she went through a rebellious period and got involved with drugs and such. This experience enabled her to get in touch with herself and do some thinking about what direction she wanted her life to take.

That is the basic goal of most of these programs. To get young people out of their familiar (and unhealthy) habit patterns.

Another thing they’re designed to accomplish is to put them in situations to challenge them and allow them to use skills and survive in ways they never thought possible. It’s a confidence builder for many.

It was so helpful to her that she made it her life’s work. She runs wilderness treks for troubled girls up in Maine.

Hopefully this will help you to reevaluate your previous choices and head in a healthier more positive direction in you life.

The results of this experience will be what you choose to make it. Try to keep in mind that this has the potential to be a very positive thing for you. Use this to grow instead of resisting.

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Ya I want to chang its just so hard when the people I hang around dose the same stuff I do(smoke,runaway,)so on!!

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Hopefully this wilderness experience will boost your confidence and self esteem so you can change old habits.

Break off from them, if necessary, and find some more positive people to hang with.

Change things up a little. You’re young and its not too late to pick a different direction instead of going down a dead end path.

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At what time you plan to go?

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