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What is your favorite kind of beer?

Asked by ArieBoyer (43points) February 28th, 2008
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blue moon at the moment

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Stella Artois right now

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i love stella too

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corona and sierra Nevada pale ale

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Sam Adams seasonals
Octoberfest is my favorite.

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sam adams summer ale is bomb

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try leinenkugel if you get the opportunity, or orange blossom if you live in arizona.

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Fat Tire

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Keysone Light

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I always come back to Heineken. That slight skunky taste makes me happy

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Moylan’s Kiltlifter!!!

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corona, heineken are good beers for when you are thirsty, but for real beer drinking times I prefer more characteristic beers. Belgian beers like Leffe, Duvel are much better!

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Where I live we have some of the best micro-brewed beers on the planet, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to taste different ones all the time!

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Hefeweisen. Usually Harpoon UFO or Magic Hat Circus Boy.

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Kostritzer Black.

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‘tis the season for a good irish draught like smithwicks. guiness is a classic. speckled hen is also nice. when the holiday rolls back around, grab some of trader joe’s seasonal beer (in the big bottle). top quality for such a reasonable price!

i have never understood the appeal of any variety of sam’s adams.

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Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Redhook Longhammer IPA

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Blur moon & Lambic!

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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a favorite, and when the Anniversary Ale comes out in the fall that’s really good too. Very similar, just a little less malt balance, and the hops come out with a little more citrusy smell.

I’m dying to try their harvest wet hop beer – since I tried harpoons wet hop beer and loved that.

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sierra nevada is good.
but ill take any beer i can get. im still 20. (damn it.)

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depends on my mood, but all in all guinness

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