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Bleaching black hair?

Asked by JONESGH (3554points) January 12th, 2010

I have black hair straight from the box and I’ve heard that it is extremely hard to bleach. Normally when re-dying my hair I separate the section that won’t be black but it’s an effort, so this time I was lazy and decided to cover my whole head in black dye, and now I’ll be attempting to bleach parts of it out.
Has anyone done this before that has any tips to make this easier on me or my hair?
Bleach brand recommendations?

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Yes. I dyed my hair black and then stripped it to re-dye it red. I made a mess, turning my roots white and my tips became orange. I highly recommend salon treatment.

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I say salon with that situation also.

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No money for the salon thing unfortunately

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Hopefully, someone who professionally does hair will comment for you.

My fear is you might wind up orangy or very yellow. You know clairol can be very helpful if you call their help line. Probably all of them are good. Maybe call the 800 number for the product you used to get very dark and tell them what you want and see what they suggest?

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You could try bleaching a (very) inconspicuous part of your hair, or a section that you wouldn’t mind cutting off if you don’t like the result. I bleached the tips of my hair a couple years ago and it took FOREVER because my hair is naturally a dark brown. I don’t know how deep hair dye penetrates hair so testing it out is definitely the way to go.

Don’t they also have dye kits for highlighting hair? Often they have examples on the box of how the highlighting will look on light, medium and dark hair. Go to a hair specialty store and ask the people who work their what they would think.

Good luck!

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If you don’t have money for the salon I think that your hair colour shouldn’t be at the top of your priorities list

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@Saturated_Brain Salon highlights are typically $80 and up. A box of from the drug store is $10. I think your comment is unfair.

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@Saturated_Brain salons are expensive when it comes to color, and i bought a bleaching kit for $7.

@ParaParaYukiko thanks I think that’s what I’m going to do! if it looks gross i’ll just cut it off

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@JONESGH Okay.. That is a large difference. Still, I personally feel that being unable to pay $80 for the salon shows that some money managing needs to be in order. Then again, it’s just my personal opinion.

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