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Email help--I don't understand techie talk?

Asked by mamartinek (16points) January 13th, 2010

I received over 50 messages from ‘Root User’ in my Outlook Express. I didn’t open them as I realized ‘root user’ wasn’t someone smoking roots, but a technical term I had seen somewhere. I checked the message properties of one of the first emails from ‘ru’ and found the email it had come from. I also noticed my email along with four others to whom the message was sent. When I looked at the properties of message 50+? there were many many email addresses including mine. The msgs from ‘ru’ are a block, no other msgs inbetween (brain dead, can’t think of the word). I sent the emailer a msg asking him to cease and desist. Is there anything else I can do to avoid messages from people like this? Thanks.

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In general, don’t reply to spammer’s e-mails—that simply lets them know that you are a “live address”.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to do in terms of avoiding the e-mails, just delete e-mails that aren’t from someone you know.

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hah id say a good spam filter or change your e mail acct. after a long battle they will finally stop appearing in your inbox.

@grumpyfish ummm i must slightly disagree, i replied to a spam email from one of thos porn ppl and cussed her out told her and her little bitches to stop e mailng me. not only did i get to vent my annoyance but i never got an e mail like that again. maybe coincedence but who knows

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@shadowofdeath Fair enough—the SOP for spammers is to mark your account as “live person” on the mailing list, so it can get sold back into the pot as a verified e-mail address.

You might never get an e-mail from that person again, but it can increase your total volume of spam.

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@grumpyfish i would agree with that it was probably coincedence but i do stress the importance of a good spam filter.

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Isn’t there some type of “worm” which attacks and re-uses email addys?

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@Buttonstc i do believe that there is a certain virus that will attach to one of your emails and upon opening that email it sends itself to everyone on your contacts. im not sure if its true but i have heard something like that

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