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A really good,interesting website for wasting time at work?

Asked by JCS (250points) January 11th, 2007
I have a friend who has plenty of time to go on the Internet at work. They would rather just read a book that might look bad. They read the news a lot too, but sometimes current events can get depressing.They don't care or want to know anymore about Hollywood gossip. They really like and would pretty much read anything, long or short, fiction or non-fiction,general audience or narrow. So what are people's favorite places on the web that consistently offer an engaging read?
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they meant to write
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they are also sorry they didn't proofread this before submitting and don't know if there is an edit feature on fluther
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yeah, like if there was a Amazon recommends service, "people who like Fluther also might enjoy..."
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Give us some help. What are your friend's interests? For example, one can take language lessons in Dutch, Arabaic, Hebrew, Norwegian , etc. online(don't ask me how I know). Lots of modern poetry available, free registration and then almost the entire New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, etc available. www. and for left-slanted news and editorials and opinion pieces., for a daily jigsaw puzzle of varying difficulty.
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Slate and Truthout have terrific writers, BTW.
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don't forget The Onion...I also go to and read all the "most popular" stories. Next it's off to ABC The Note, the blog written by ABC's political team, for all the insidery political gossip, and links to the best news articles of the day.
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lets see. I spend much too much time on, the t-shirt design contest sight, rating other people's designs. it's a nice visual break from online reading. although i sort of hate myself for caring about which t-shirts get printed and which don't, its pretty engaging.
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And I have to admit I am absolutely addicted to WEBOGGLE! There is a new online boggle game every 3 minutes. but since the games are so short, you just keep promising yourself "one more game" and then you can't stop. Here's the link:
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unlike real boggle, you aren't trying to find words that no one else will find, you're just trying to find as many words as possible, and competing against the 150 other procrastinators taht are online playing weboggle while they are at work too.
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Time mag. has the 50 coolest web sites of the year, including a group called "time wasters" that sounds just up your alley. Also for dozens of movie trivia, BBs, factoids, and reviews, the International Movie Data base, www.
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Forgot Matt Drudge and Page six of the NYPost for gossip.
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thanks everybody.I think these are all right up my friend's alley. I'll pass them on.
andrew's avatar is also top notch. We love them.
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And a second for linerider!
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For pure comedy genius, I hugely recommend
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If your friend watches stupid TV shows and wants to read hilarious reviews, try
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I guess the employer in me would suggest you should perhaps ask your supervisor if there is additional work you could be doing, as you are presumably paid to be working rather than surfing the Internet. Assuming there is absolutely nothing for you to do, and your employer hasn't realized they could probably layoff an employee or two, or they can't do so, I am fond of just following research threads at
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Shameless self promotion: where I blog once in a while.
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If you like crafts, sewing, etc.
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Perez Hilton....famous gossip columnist
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its insanely funny
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if you use Firefox you might check out the Stumble Upon plugin... it's basically a tool for exactly this problem it throws you to other random sites that people voted as being interesting according to your customized taists. (and no I don't work for them.). It's free though I think the free version has some commercial links in leu of ads.
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I signed up for this site and spent 3 hours adding and reviewing every book I've ever read:
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if you're into street culture/graffiti/culture jamming - is amazing
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I am a big fan of (news for nerds, stuff that matters) and
ALM's avatar emails daily installments of classic novels - so it will look like your friend is just reading work email and really s/he will be engrossed in a five minute segment of Moby Dick
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There is a website called the Notable Names Database. You can spend hours looking up facts on just about any notable person who’s ever lived. For instance, did you know that Will Ferrell ran and finished the Boston Marathon? Or that Wilmer Valderrama (Fez from “That 70’s Show”) dated Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan, AND Ashlee Simpson?

This site will tell you if they’re addicted to any drugs, what family problems they’ve had, their religion, sexual orientation, parents’ names, their real names (Nicolas Cage’s real name is Nicolas Coppola), and just about anything else you could ever care to know!

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@gailcalled I subscribe to Slate and like it. Never heard of truthout before. Thanx
The Daily Beast isn’t too bad either.

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