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How do you feel about the way your house is decorated?

Asked by longgone (18299points) March 26th, 2019

I’m mostly interested in small things such as plants, curtains, pictures, candles, colours, and anything you’ve put on display.

If there is anything missing in your house, what is that? How do you feel about the different rooms or areas in a room? Is there anything you don’t enjoy looking at, but that you’re still keeping on display for some reason? Is there any one thing you did that made a big difference in how a room feels?

Feel free to also share anything else you think is relevant. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

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It’s quite considerably minimalist.

I harbour secret desires viz. an aquarium stocked with yellow, orange and blue fish set into the brick wall of the bathroom juxtaposed with the existing infinity of mirror walls.

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I moved last August into a much nicer apartment. I am pretty happy with the way I have it now. There are attributes I would change, such as the location of the fireplace, but they can’t be altered, so I have done my best around them.

I have some prints that I will be getting framed soon, those are about the only additions to come.

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Pretty happy with it; it is my own nest. Lots of pottery, pictures and sunshine – a daytime reading corner in the den and an evening spot by the new gas fire. And penguins. I like fairly neutral walls and pops of color. Sometimes I think my kitchen seems a bit dated but I’m not really ready to do an expensive overhaul.

It does lack a dog but unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros on that score.

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Very much me.
It was a fixer-upper when I bought it and it still is. Everything is a work-in-progress.

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I would not call it “decorated”.

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I am the sole interior designer and I like it a great deal.

When I got sick, back in 2012, I came out of the hospital with some pretty considerable memory loss. 99.99% of it returned but the first week back was pretty trippy.
We pulled up to the house, which I bought in 1998, and which I didn’t recognize.
We walked into the house, which I didn’t recognize, and my first reaction was “Wow! Someone has great taste!” SMH.
I walked into the dining room and there was a tall, slender picture propped up on the floor, obviously designed to go on the wall directly above it. There was no other place for it. I LOVED that picture! I had no clue where the picture came from, but it fit. I just tried to get a pic of it but the glare won’t let me do it justice.

My most recent project started out as getting new blinds for the sliding glass door. Auggie, uncharacteristically demandingly, told me NO BLINDS!! She said I had to get regular curtains, and string the curtain rod out past the end of the doors.
I cobbled an idea together from Goodwill and Walmart, and I love it.
For some reason I had a hard time getting a good picture in here. Must be the blasting sun! More curtians.

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Here is a random shot from the dining / computer room into the living room. Stuff is all in disarray because Rick is working on a remodeling project in the living room, and he tends to never really finish his remodeling projects. I have to go in and readjust.

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Mine is rather bland tbh and it annoys me. I have such a crazy, stressful life that I like things neat at home and not distracting, so I go with beige’s and ivory.

I loathe change and the stress of re-painting or changing area rugs with matching pillows. I’m more of a functional home type, rather than fashionable. Although if I could pay someone to do it and not bother me or my routine, I would love that…haha!

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Missing a classic car in the garage and a woodshop in the back yard. My wife would say it’s missing a pool. It’s lightly decorated inside, just enough to be homey and low maintenance, nothing flashy. We take pride in making it look nice and planned with mostly 2nd hand items. My office/man cave resembles a booth at an antique shop.

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The vast majority of my “stuff” is 2nd hand, auction or garage sale.

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I will eventually love the way my house is decorated. Right now now, though, it’s construction de jur. Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows what that nonsense means!
I’d post a picture but imagure has turned into some sort of networking wannabe and I give up trying to get to my account.

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