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Would I have any luck selling homemade hemp bracelets or silk screen shirts?

Asked by Trance24 (3306points) January 15th, 2010

I am trying to make money on the side while still being a full time student. I do not have a lot of time to set aside to work, and was trying to figure out other easier ways to make some side money.

I have already made hemp bracelets in the past and enjoy doing it. So, I thought why not try selling them on website. I also thought about doing this with silk screening shirts. I already have the materials and have experience doing so. So what I am asking is how successful do you think either of these ideas would be?

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No. Everyone sells those these days.

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Yes. But you have to do it in the right community, e.g. street markets in sunny cities.
Or see if you can get them on Etsy or buyolympia. But meanwhile, better get a waitperson job.

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It could work and is a cheap investment to set up a website to do so. Hosting would be five bucks a month and a domain is ten. Jackson was just asking about this. I consider him a good friend and would be willing to help get something going for the magical price of “free”.

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Try to see if you can get local music stores and coffee shops to sell them for you. Good luck.

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If you do try to seel them online, you could try Etsy.

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Etsy and Ebay are great places to sell silk-screened T-Shirts. The issue is getting the corner on a market that isn’t already flooded with other craftspeople.

For example, there’s only one guy on Ebay that makes new copies of old, out of print, t-shirts from very obscure heavy metal bands. My husband just spent $50 on some Helhammer shirts. Sure, you’ve gotta have a way of knowing which bands have a cult following, but these fans (which are worldwide – China to Argentina and everywhere in between) are rabid for stuff and will pay almost anything.

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From what I’ve gathered, the market is a bit saturated there but if you know a little leather-crafting and how to use a grommet tool, you can make a pretty penny on eBay with bondage gear. No joke! There are people who want that sort of thing, but unlike hempwear and t-shirts, there aren’t so many people making that sort of stuff that the supply dwarfs the demand.

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Thanks everyone for your input.

@johnpowell Thanks a bunch, if I get the ball rolling I’ll let you know.

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It is really simple to make a store. I did this in 30 seconds. Of course it could be modified with custom graphics and layout. But all the billing shit is already coded in.

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YES! YES! YES! I sell hemp whatnots and a few other knick knacks on Etsy. It’s a super great way to make some extra cash for college. :)

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Thanks sounds good to me! Would you mind sending me your Etsy account/store/ what ever you would call it through PM? Would love to see your work! =]

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