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How do I get my friend to wear a tutu?

Asked by omg_dung (150points) January 15th, 2010

My class and I are performing a midsummer night’s dream this year for our last annual play and I play the part of Cobweb the fairy. I’m wearing a tutu and so is another fairy, and what makes it funny is that only the guy fairies are wearing tutus, but my friend who is playing Peaseblossom refuses to wear a tutu in the play.

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1. Maybe your friend will come up with an even funnier costume.
2. If all the guy fairies are wearing tutus, and your friend is going to be a guy fairy,
how come he gets to decide he won’t wear a tutu? Who decides? I’m confused.

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The director should tell them to cooperate of face the humiliation of being dropped from the cast.

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tell him that it’s worth the marks and that the girls dig it

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Threaten to hit him with your purse if he doesn’t.

oh wait, it’s shakespeare. “fie” him instead. . .

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convince a girl to hit on him who otherwise wouldn’t, and tell her to hint at liking guys who wear tutus.

it’s a win win.

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It’s not really your job to enforce costuming. Let the director sort it out.

@Blondesjon – On second thought this may be just the opportunity to damn his eyes.

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Is there a costumer for the play, or is everyone required to come up with their own costume? My experience as a costumer for high school theater is that actors wear what the costumer gives them to wear. If they won’t wear it, they have the option of talking to the director about it. If they can’t work it out, the actor is replaced.

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Maybe he wants to look like one of the girls instead of one of the guys.

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Take a picture of him naked in the shower and threaten to put it on Face book!

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I agree – it’s not you problem, it’s the costume director’s.

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Tell him it’s a fluffy toolbelt ;)

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Peaseblossom is a huge role.

If he is being such a baby over simple costume design, he doesn’t deserve the role. Fire his ass and cast someone who takes acting seriously.

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Tell him how much it’s helped you get in touch with your feminine side.

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I am confused. This line: “only the guy fairies are wearing tutus, but my friend who is playing Peaseblossom refuses to wear a tutu in the play” makes it sound as if the friend might be a girl who is refusing to wear a tutu.

In any case, it is the costumer’s and the director’s decision. As a sometime costumer for plays I can tell you that it is never a good idea to make a costumer mad. At the very least they will make the armholes in your costume just a tad too small so you will be miserable throughout the performance.

And if the friend is a guy who won’t wear a tutu, show him what he would look like in just tights without the camouflage of the netting. That usually embarasses guys enough that they will opt for the tutu.

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If you have the leverage, get the football team to wear them once for a joke and they can start a trend

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1. Buy Beer.
2. Open Beer.
3. Give beer to friend.
4. Have friend drink beer.
5. Repeat until tutu is worn.

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@Saschin Not really cost-effective unless you go with the cheap, high-octane (>8% ABV) stuff like Steel Reserve. Three Steelies tall-boys will run you $3–5 and getsomeone drunker than a (more expensive) 12-pack of regular beer. You can take the $$$ you save and get poster-sized blow-ups of the occasion :)

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@jerv Point well taken. Perhaps it should be something along the line of :

1. Open up chloroform.
2. Apply chloroform to rag.
3. Dose the friend that is intended to wear tutu.
4. Forcefully put on tutu.
5. Wait until they wake up with poster-sized blow-ups to mock them endlessly.

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