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Why do some people compare Obama with JFK? Obama is a liberal and JFK was a Democrat conservative...

Asked by chino2k (80points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone

they are from 2 different times were socialism was not part on our views

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I believe most people compare them because not so much their views but because of age and they both have/had a charming personality.

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They both have/had the ability to appeal to people’s emotions and logic. They do/did have the ability to use thier words to give hope and a kind of psychological security. Plus, and most important, they provide a sense of trust in the future and in themselves. They appear to be “in charge” as good leaders do. They do not appear to be “in a panic” or out of their league or out of control or foolish or ignorant or selfish.

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They made both their campaigns about looking to the future with hope, rather than looking at the past with anger or looking at the present with fear.

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I think its because they’re both full of life. People can really sense that in a leader and find it inspiring that there can be real people in politics.

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They have both tapped into what I would call a collective unconsciousness; communicating what everyone else wanted to say but couldn’t. Obama, like JFK, speaks to a large percent of the population who felt like no one was speaking to them before. They speak of a promise for the future, challenging the country to ask more of themselves, and not merely of their leaders.

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At the time, JFK was considered a liberal. As times have changed, he owuld be considered more conservative by todays standards. He cut taxes and of course revenues rose to to increased investment, and that is considered a conservative principle today.
He was very inspiring as a speaker, and I believe that is the comparison that people make.

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