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Is a Nano supposed to work while plugged in to my computer?

Asked by Erv (2points) January 17th, 2010

When I plug the Nano into a USB port, it stops playing music and all the buttons on the Nano stop functioning. Screen says “connected” and “Eject before disconnecting” ... uh OK? Shouldn’t the menu etc. be accessible like how I can use a cell phone while it’s charging?

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hmmm, my iphone works as long as it’s not syncing… I’m pretty sure nano’s should be the same. if you haven’t already I’d check out apples support forums and see if they have anything. you can also try cycling your nano to see if that solves it… can’t tell you how many problems a hard reboot has cured.

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My chromatic did that it’s normal it sucks though. My iPod touch let’s me go on it while it’s plugged in but my nano never let me.
Hope I helped. =)

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if you’re using Windows after you synced your Nano deconnect it from your computer and the Nano will not appear anymore as connected to your computer so you will be able to use your iPod while it’s charging

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Christian95 is right. Once the sync is done you can eject it from itunes and use it while it is plugged in. It will still charge.

edit :: and it works the same on OS X and Windows.

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