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For those who know Spanish, what is this song about? Is it pillow talk?

Asked by Civic_Cat (530points) January 27th, 2010

I heard it on CBC radio a few times, and have taken quite a liking to it.

The song apparently is “Pa Que Vuelva” by a “Telmary”.

I’ve been doing a decent amount of searching on Google for a video of the song but to no avail.

Here’s a video with the artist.

Here are some audio hints.

Concerts On Demand: Telmary Diaz & Alberto Alberto at Lula Lounge
(click: Pa Que Vuelva)
The only thing is, it’s live.

Here’s a bit of the recorded version:
(click: Pa\’ que vuelva)

What are the lyrics about?
(Follow up question: Is there a video I can link to?)


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’‘i suspect.. you leave, i dont want you to leave’’ was what i heard on the sample. sounds like a please dont brake up with me song.

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The chorus is basically chanting “And this is not so you’ll leave it’s so you’ll come back”

A bit of the sample also mentions something about now wanting to lose the good things we had.

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get the lyrics and translate it in google translator then u can read it for yourself

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Something about.. I suspect you’ll go… This isn’t so you’ll leave but so you’ll return.. I don’t want all the things that make me happy to go or all the good things I love to go away.

My Spanish is a bit rusty. =/
Anyway, it sounds like it’s about a failing relationship.

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I couldn’t watch the live version, so this is just from the clip:

The rapped intro was pretty hard to deciper, just like rap in English, but what I made of that was:

se que tu vida…
empiezo otra vez del mismo alivio a despertar

which means
I know that your life [something I couldn’t understand]
tell me it!
I start to wake up again again from my relief

The chorus is a lot easier to understand. It goes:
sospecho te vas
y no es pa’ que te vaya para que vuelva [repeat]
no quiero que se vaya todo lo bueno que me alegra

That’s what the others have already written. Simply:
I suspect you’re going
and this is not so you’ll go, but so you’ll come back.
I don’t want all the good things that make me happy to leave.

I wouldn’t call it pillow talk, more like a “Don’t leave me” song. I give her more props for creativity than Pink. I really enjoyed the melody, by the way.

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While Spanish is a more phonetic language than English, I still have trouble. Indeed, were it not for the CBC radio website actually noting that they played the song, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Thank you greatly. Your answer is perhaps the best I’ve gotten to any of my questions on Fluther. The pillow talk reference is by the host Andy Barrie, and the manner she sung it.

Btw, here’s the Spanish Wikipedia article on CBC

Another Spanish singing artist who’s been getting a lot of air time on CBC is now the late Lhasa De Sela.

Here are some Youtube videos:
El Desierto – Tribute to Lhasa De Sela
Lhasa de Sela – Soon this space will be too small (which tounches on death).
The Lonely Spider (sung in English).

She’s reminiscent of Björk.

Thank goodness I’ve never heard a Pink song on CBC—at least not in its entirety (they clipped it).

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