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If marijuana was legalized, would you use it?

Asked by drdoombot (8145points) October 18th, 2009

This is not a discussion about whether marijuana should be legalized and please don’t comment on this issue. I’m more interested in finding out if people who don’t use marijuana now avoid it because they’re not interested in being intoxicated, they fear possible future health issues or because it’s illegal.

I tried marijuana many years ago and found it to be an enjoyable experience. I think the health effects are negligible, so I suspect that if it was legalized, I would probably use it once in a while. My extreme fear of serving time in jail, and to a lesser degree, the chance that I might be denied employment because of it, is why I don’t use marijuana right now.

How about the rest of you?

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No. Not interested in using it. I’ve had opportunities to smoke so many times, I’ve been pressured by my friends, but I’ve refused it every time. I just don’t like the idea of smoking something and getting “blazed”. One drug (alcohol) is enough for me. Illegality wasn’t stopping me. My friends smoked plenty and were never even close to being caught. I’ll admit that when I was with them while they were smoking, it was kind of thrilling. We would go in secret secluded places and it was fun; not gonna lie. But I just never wanted to smoke.

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About as often as I smoke a cigar (once in awhile).

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I used to smoke it. I didn’t care about the legality of it. I stopped it because it stopped being fun. I still don’t care if it was legal. If I want to smoke it I will, it isn’t hard to get.

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Heck yeah! I’d save a few bucks.

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Nope. Legality isn’t hindering me now. I’m just not interested.

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Been there, done that. Even if it were legal, I’m done.

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Nah. Just not my thing.

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No. Don’t need drugs to have a good time.

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I don’t abstain from drugs because of legality.

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Nah, I’m long since over it. I guess if I ever wanted a big dose of paranoia, I might consider it though.

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I woudn’t either way.

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No, I would not be interested.

Long time ago, a housemate gave me a cookie made with “special butter.” I had maybe two bites. Shortly thereafter, I thought I was ‘bout to die – heart racing, horrible hot. No thanks. I’ll wait til menopause to feel that way again!

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even if it were legal, companies could still deny you employment because of it. they have that right

I don’t smoke currently (obviously) but if there weren’t such severe legal ramifications, then I know my husband would smoke more often…and so would I.

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Legality is not a hindrance – I just do not like how it affects people. So many who smoke regularly just seem so out of it and really seem to loose control. And having tried it I hated it and just wanted to throw up. Besides there are so many scientifically proven ill effects that I do not see the point unless I would need it for, for instance, pain relief. It has also been proven to be very beneficial to many cancer patients for instance.

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Even if it’s not legal, [some] people still smoke it.

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Sure. Not something I’d do every day, or even every week, but time to time.

The few times I did use marijuana, it was a nice experience. But not nice enough for me to risk fines/jail/black marks on a record.

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I guess I’m a rarity, but I’ve never smoked pot in my life. Whether or not it’s illegal isn’t the issue. I do things almost every day that’s not legal. But even if it were mimimal, I don’t want anything messing with my head.

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more than I do now already!

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I already do. Legalization wouldn’t change much for me.
I don’t use it often, but I do use it.

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I agree with @jmah‘s answer. I would do it socially, like drinking or smoking cigarettes. But it will probably be highly taxed and mainstream.

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I can use it legally if I wish, but I don’t. Several states here have decriminalised it – it isn’t legal but “personal” quantities don’t bring prosecution and you are allowed to grow a couple of plants. Several of the people who attend the Oncology Outpatients clinic with me are using it in Medical trials.

I tried it when i was much younger – it was all over campus at several Unis, but I never really liked it as much as a good single malt. Add to that the fact that I don’t smoke it it would seem pointless.

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I was just discussing this last night. I would. Probably not any more than I do now, though, which is once every 5–6 years.

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Definitely. I’d use it now if I could get my hands on it.

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@johanna – Could you give more detail on the “scientifically proven ill effects”? I know of none, except those caused by inhaling burnt plant matter, and these can be easily done away with by using a vaporizer (this is because a vape heats the material to a high enough temperature that the THC will get into your lungs, but not so high that it burns, thus you are just breathing hot air with THC in it). In fact, I would be willing to bet quite a lot that your adverse reaction was caused by the smoke (people who smoke cigarettes for the first time report similar things) and not by the mind-altering properties of Cannabis.

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No, it’s damaging for your brain.

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@doggywuv – Is it? I’ve never seen any studies pointing to that conclusion, and none of the many cannabis users I know have anything resembling brain damage.

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I already use it. I smoke occasionally. I don’t care if its illegal. I believe strongly that it is my right to smoke pot if I choose to.

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Nope. Doesn’t do anything for me (except for sloth, over eating, and mild paranoia), and inhaling burnt particulates into my lung tissue doesn’t seem that smart to me.

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@Hobbes Some studies have shown that there are mental health problems associated with cannabis usage, but I don’t know if there are studies that suggest permanent brain adverse effects. You can read a bit through this Wikipedia article section regarding mental health changed due to cannabis consumption and you can also read through some of this page.

My concern with cannabis usage is that there isn’t a good understanding of it’s effects, so it’s not completely known as to what it could do to you.

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There are plenty of other reasons to avoid drugs than simple illegality.

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I’d rather smoke weed than take prescription drugs…

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@Ivan – Like what? Also, which drugs? The various substances which affect our brains are all very different and display a wide range of effects, side effects, potential for addiction, and social impact. Cannabis, for example, is entirely dissimilar from alcohol, cocaine, or Xanax.

@doggywuv – Good point, and I had never seen that study before. I must point out however that the reason there isn’t an understanding of its effects is that it’s illegal. Also, I’d point out that since we understand so little, any studies on the subject (including those on its positive effects) can’t be held to be very reliable.

@Facade – In my personal experience, weed is the best cold medicine there is. I honestly forget I’m sick once I’ve had a few puffs, and so I could easily see its use as a pain-killer.

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No. It took too long to stop smoking tobacco and I do not wish to start again with another drug.

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@bea2345 – Cannabis is not physically addictive, whereas cigarettes are more addictive than Heroin.

Bearing that in mind, and considering that you were able to kick such an enormously addictive substance, I’d say you are in absolutely no danger of becoming addicted to Cannabis. Smoke pot! Attend this! =]

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What’s it called when people try to feel less guilty about doing something by persuading others to do the same thing?

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I already use it fairly often, but if it were legal, I would grow it.

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@Hobbes – don’t tempt me.

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@Ivan – well, I was joking around with bea, but I honestly believe that cannabis (if used responsibly and respectfully) can have positive effects on its users. Even if this weren’t the case, I still think its a perfectly harmless way to enjoy oneself, and I don’t feel guilty for using it any more than you would for having a glass of wine in the evening.

@bea2345 – Sorry ;-) Seriously though, you ain’t gonna get addicted to pot.

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@Hobbes – if I ever try ganja, Fluther will be the first to know about it (if I am not arrested).

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Doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not.
Probably still would.

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No, I wouldn’t use it, I never have and have no desire to. My one exception would be if it might ease symptoms from cancer treatment then I would try it.

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@jbfletcherfan I’ve never smoked it either.

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I have smoked in the past. I prefer it to drinking. I function much better when on pot. Alcohol, in my eyes, is much more dangerous. If pot were legal I would absolutely smoke it (as long as the prices were reasonable).

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@bea2345 – It’s a known fact that potheads are regularly surprised by The Man popping out of their closet. :-)

@JLeslie & @jbfletcherfan – Purely out of curiosity, may I ask why?

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I think everyone who enjoys it, already uses it. And almost everyone who does not enjoy it, does not use it.

Sure, there’s a few holdouts that will come out of the woodwork when its legalized… but not too many really.

The Netherlands has a smaller percentage of marijuana smokers in their population, than we do, and it’s legal over there.

They also have 1/7 the crime rate we do.

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No, I don’t smoke normal cigarettes and I very rarely drink so I can’t imagine I would have the urge to smoke marijuana just because it became legal.

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@Hobbes Why I have never tried it? Is that what you are asking? I just never did any drugs, and barely have taken a drink (I have been drunk 1 or 2 times, and will try a drink if someone wants me to taste, I am not religious about it) but I have not had a full drink of my own in years. Originally, when I was younger, I was afraid of the conseqences…throwing up was a huge deterent for me…and then having to come off of an addiction if I developed one, again because it might cause me to throw up or suffer in some sort of way. As an adult I don’t have a desire to be “altered” don’t feel like I need it. I have a good time without it and it seems like a huge waste of money. Still, even if it was free, I just wouldn’t bother. When it comes to medical uses I am very in favor, I mean look my huge fear is being nauseaus and pot might take that away, in that situation I’ll give it a try. I am also in favor of legalizing marijuana.

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@doggywuv the links you provided show effects of abuse of marijuana. Do you have any studies that show these symptoms in a casual user?

To answer the question, I used to really enjoy it, but I kind of outgrew it along with alcohol, so I might use it, but it probably be as often as I drink, which would be about 2 or 3 times a year.

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i used to use it way back when. It was real easy to realize how much better the brain worked once it all got out of my system. I could remember things without trying. After a while I would think most people would get tired of losing their keys, wallet, note pad to put things in so you don’t forget, etc. People who are high aren’t as interesting as they think they are, I learned. So my answer would be no then. Just like when the state lottery came here everyone was so exited even I was but I never play even though it’s legit.

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@woodcutter – Well, I’ve always been terminally forgetful, and haven’t noticed any more than the usual of that kind of thing. High people have had a perspective shift on the universe, which I find quite interesting, both as a phenomenon to be studied and as an experience. If you were excited about the lottery, why not play?

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No. I’ve got plenty of other means to feel great.

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To me, the harmfulness of the drug is not really relevant, except as an aid to teaching young people not to develop a taste for it. If you want to smoke weed, or drink ganja infusions, go right ahead. I’ll even allow you to smoke in my home – but only if it is legal.

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I think it should be legalised and no, I would not personally use it. It stinks and has nothing to offer.

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No, I wouldn’t use it because it makes me instantly paranoid, anxious, mean and hungry then shortly after I just fall asleep so what’s the benefit to any of that? I support legalization of it though.

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@Jack79 – Now, I must take issue with that. =] I’ll grant you that weed smoke and bad, old pot do smell unpleasant, but good, fresh bud is one of the best smells there is.

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I’ve never used it, I never felt the need to. I’m not really worried that I’d get arrested, it’s just not appealing enough for me to have tried it. Primarily one concern I have, and it’s VERY unlikely it would ever become an issue, would be that I was told in High School health class that THC can remain in your system by attaching itself to fat molecules, and at some point those could dissolve back into your bloodstream, possibly giving you a secondary high you weren’t expecting. I’ve got a lot of fat for the THC to stick to, and I have no idea if that’s even realistic, but just the what if the ONE TIME I go out for a job and take a drug test I happen to have some of my past usage show up on the radar and it costs me? Again, I’ve probably had 2 times in my life I’ve had to take a drug screen for a job, and I’m not all that worried about it, but why risk it? I don’t really need to…I can get drunk if I want to, being intoxicated can be fun, but being clear headed for me is just as much fun. I admit, I think it might be nice to try it some day, and there’s a good possibility that some day I will try it, just haven’t felt the need to do so yet. But for me, the BIGGEST reason I don’t smoke pot is the same reason I don’t smoke, period….I think breathing smoke into your lungs, of any kind, is retarded. People DIE of smoke inhalation and you’re gonna do it on PURPOSE? DOES NOT COMPUTE. I’d eat the hell out of special brownie under the right circumstances, but uh uh…I have too many repiratory problems to want to put that shit in my lungs. I’m very much of the opinion that it’s far less harmful than the legal drugs we have and the only reason it’s illegal is political/economic, I’d be all about ending pot prohibition, but I’d probably be no more likely to try it for basically the same reasons. If anything, being ilegal just adds one more hassle to the side of the scale that says “not worth the hassle”.

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@dalepetrie I just wanted to clear up the “fat-cell” issue. Basically THC does hang around fat molecules, but it won’t cause a second high. THC on average stays in your system for about 3 weeks, if you have more fat cells than the the average person then THC could last in your system for up to twice that amount of time. Basically if a skinny guy smokes a joint and a fat guy smokes a joint and they both take a drug test 5 weeks later, the sknny guy would pass while tons-O-fun fails.

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@drClaw – being the aforementioned “tons-O-fun”, that’s what I fear, I mean 6 weeks is plenty of time in which one might apply for a job, get an interview and be asked to take a drug test, there’s been no point in my life where I’ve been comfortable with the idea that what I do now could affect my life in some way a month and a half down the road. Thanks for the specifics on that, though (and don’t worry, I don’t take offense at your choice of terminology, btw…I don’t consider myself to be a “generously sized American” or whatever the PC term is, I’m a fat guy, I can live with that though actuarial tables say not for quite as long).

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@dalepetrie I’m glad you have a sense of humor about it, I really meant no offense. You are 100% correct a lot can happen in 6 weeks and if you are not totally secure in your job then (skinny or generously sized) you should probably be strategic in your use.

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