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Why do I write words in the air with my index finger?

Asked by bebebebe (12points) February 2nd, 2010

This happens every now and again and is involuntary.

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Do you stop at the midline and change hands?

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I think I remember doing that when I was younger…I really don’t know, I hope someone knows the answer.

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I’m guessing you also like to play air guitar?

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Care to elaborate? I’m skeptical that your hand simply starts moving on it’s own and you can’t control it at all….....

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“I’ll never tell.”
“Redrum, Redrum!”

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Some people doodle words on paper. I guess it could be a form of that. Especially if you do it when extremely bored and you need to be creative. But I’m no doctor. I’m just guessing.

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it’s your way of helping yourself to visualize the situation.

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I do it too and I’ve been told it’s a hearing loss thing

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That is how you express your mind. At least you feels much better after that.

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Probably someone else in your family does it also.

Maybe it helps you visualize the word, some sort of brain moves the hand, hand writes it, brain receives it, thingy. Maybe?

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[mod says] Blank answer removed.

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I draw in the air.It helps me to get a clear picture of what I want to draw.I usually do this when paper isn’t available.
Don’t do this around an orchestra though.They go bananas ;)

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I actually think it might be a soothing behaviour.

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Eat more cheese.

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I do that too! I’ll also write the words against the back of my teeth with my tongue. I find I do it the most when I’m sick and I’ll have a word or a sentence get stuck in my head and I’ll keep doing it until my brain gets distracted with something else. I always thought it was a minor OCD thing. It’s kind of nice knowing other people do similar things.

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I do that as well. It’s just a precise way of expressing yourself by using your hands like most people do when they are trying to explain something.

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I think it is the sort of thing people might do when they have a good imagination. I have a creative imagination and I sometimes do it.

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Thank you all for your answers. Makes me feel better knowing i’m not mad!

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This is a perfectly normal thing that many visual thinkers do. Most likely, you are visual thinker as well, relying on images, or writing things out (even in the air) to process and compute information.

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you might just be one of those visual learners

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Probably just a habit, do you do those ” ” things with your fingers too?

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I do this, too!!! My family thinks it is bizarre but I think it’s kind of cool. :) Mine is automatic, meaning I will just notice at some point that I have been writing a word – in cursive – with my right index finger only. Most of the time I am writing my signature out, but sometimes I notice I am writing a word I or someone around me said recently. I also write the word over and over until I notice what I am doing. My hand/finger is just down b6 my side, meaning it’s not like I am “air writing” on an “air blackboard” ;). It doesn’t happen as often as it used to…maybe once every six months or so now. I can also sense/hear other’s loved ones who have passed away – very much like that medium John something or other – but other than an occasional party trick I keep that pretty quiet for obvious reasons..and I found that when a disbeliever says “Yeah right, prove it…” the message I get for them makes them cry or look at me like I am a witch :/...anyway, I also see very cool deep cobalt blue pierces of light around me or others sometimes…SO I have always assumed my air writing meant I am, or have the potential to be, very spiritually evolved! :) See? It’s all how you look at it. Happy I am not the only one…just never thought to google it until now!

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