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Why do guys act like this?

Asked by cake7 (519points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

why is it when a guy gets mad at you their way to get back at you or hurt you is by saying horrible mean things?

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Hang out with my mom or my sister or my girlfriend. This isn’t a gender thing. This is just how humans act. And it sucks.

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Same reason girls do. Emotional immaturity.

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We would punch you in the ovaries (like you kick us in the testes), but that response is generally frowned upon.

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Like PupnTaco, I don’t see this as a gender-based reaction. It’s an issue of maturity, and name-calling is the easiest and most basic non-physical act of revenge.

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yeah I agree both genders do it. I guy for me I’ve just seen more guys do it. For the record I’ve never kicked someone testes. :)

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i gotta agree with skwerl88; straight shot to the baby maker

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i guess its because they want to see you cry.. and nothing beats an insult since touching is not allowed.

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