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Is it ok to marinate chicken in lemon and orange juice overnight in fridge?

Asked by karinkh (4points) February 5th, 2010

marinating chicken

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Yes! (feel free to add a tablespoon of soy sauce, or teriyaki sauce)

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Sure, why not?

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Isn’t that like a Ceviche with poultry? I have now idea if it works the same as fish.. More info.

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You can marinade chicken overnight, however it may cause the chicken toughen. Make sure you add some olive oil to your marinade. Usually two hours is enough time for a citrus marinade for chicken.

More information about using marinades that might be helpful.

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Yeah, to elaborate on what @PandoraBoxx & @johnpowell said, the citric acid in the juice can actually “cook” the chicken…it denatures the proteins & the meat will no longer have the flavor/texture of raw meat. An oil based marinade is fine overnight, but if you’re just talking the juice, I would limit it to a much shorter time.

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Well, I dont think there are any laws against it.

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Yes, as long as you don’t drink the marinade afterwards.

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I would think that with chicken, you’re probably better off using herbs in milk for an overnight marinade. A marinade of mostly citric acid as in lemon and orange juice might partially cook the meat (as in a ceviche, as mentioned previously) if left overnight and could toughen the meat somewhat during cooking. Including a little lemon juice or orange juice in the mix should work out fine, but be careful not to overdo it on an overnight marinade.

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I marinated chicken in sour grapefruit juice for several days once—I forgot that I had put it in the back porch fridge. I cooked it up and it was great. I’ve done it deliberately several times since then.

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Yes, that is basically a mojo marinade or sour orange.

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