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Can the dropdown list when you hit send to a friend show everyone?

Asked by jrpowell (40464points) February 5th, 2010

I just wanted to send a question to a person that wasn’t in “my fluther” and it was a pain in the ass. Their username is a bit complicated. It would be nice for the auto-completion to work for all users.

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I’m working on it (decided re: Jeruba’s game, I’d be timtruman today.)

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Oh, that would be great! I’d like it to do that in question threads, too. The red link you get could then take you to the user’s profile page if they aren’t in the thread. That’s probably way too much work, though.

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I would love for what @augustlan suggested to be implemented… but Bendrim probably have a lot on their plate. Also the drop down auto-complete would be a real time saver!

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Cool, @janbb, because I’m going to be you today.

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@Jeruba I’ll be watching (on breaks from my programming) to see how you do.

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@janbb *timtrueman true-man

And what is @Jeruba‘s game? Deal me in?

@johnpowell Are you asking for a job?

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@timtrueman I went back and forth on the spelling; I’ll get it right next time we play “steal another Jelly’s identity” (Jeruba and I were playing with this idea on another thread.) So now, you’re dealt in, Tim Trueman

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