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Are you a hypocrite if you are pro-life and yet have pre-marital sex?

Asked by djbuu (284points) March 2nd, 2008

Is this a fundamental contradiction in your belief system?

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No. If you had pre-marital sex you would keep the baby.

You would be a hypocrite if after being pro-life your whole life you decided to get an abortion when it happened to you.

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Being pro-life or pro-choice has nothing to do with the choice about whether or not to have sex. Having sex before or after marriage doesn’t matter either. The “choice” comes into play in the event that your sex, before or after marriage, results in an unwanted pregnancy.

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If you had an abortion.

Wear a condom or take the pill. It is pretty easy to keep the sperm away from the egg if you try.

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Tell me more about these “condoms” of which you speak. And you say there’s an egg involved? I only engage in coitus while holding a hard boiled egg in each hand. Does that protect me? I should also note that I fill my mouth with horseradish. I assume this is a common method of birthing prevention.

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Bob, you are in the ballpark. To be totally safe you need to put a paperclip in your left nostril. If you don’t have a nose you should avoid intercourse until you are ready to have a child.

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Are you trying to get this man killed john? It’s the right nostril. Newbs.

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I’ve been confused by this question and keep coming back to it. I just realized why I found it so baffling… i’ve been reading it as: Are you a hypocrite if you are pro-life and are yet to have pre-marital sex?

Geez. Living up to my name much. Eesh.

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I could see how that would be confusing. Now excuse me while I have guilt free pre-marital sex.

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you guys are funny.

and I vote no.

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djbuu, perhaps you’d like to rephrase your question. Horseradish notwithstanding, I think it could generate some interesting debate. Surely I’m not the only one with a certain religious background who’s had to overcome lots of guilt about the pre-marital sex business, and has thought a lot the abortion issue, too. However, as the Fluther has stated above, the two are only really linked if the pre-marital sex leads to pregnancy.

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No, of course not. Being pro-life and having pre-marital sex has nothing to do with each other.

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Sex=Babies That’s what it is for! Nature’s little trick! Four babies is a good number for a pro-life advocate. Lots of kids in foster home await you!

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it does connect if you’re an orthodox Jew, Christian or Muslim.

I’m gay so if I accidentally get someone pregnant we’ll be therichest gay couple in America

But seriously… We are living in an age where we are questioning the boundries of our morality.

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Those are two different issues altogether.

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