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Is the Golden Gate a bridge too deadly? only 4 feet high San Francisco

Asked by artemisdivine (1092points) March 3rd, 2008 SAN FRANCISCO – The day Ken Baldwin decided to kill himself, he drove past his office and proceeded directly to the Golden Gate Bridge. Gazing at the Pacific Ocean over a railing only four feet high, he found the sole remaining impediment to his death was his own willpower, which turned out to be fleeting. i have NEVER heard of something that low. but hey if people wanna go, go big. Last year, at least 37 people died after jumping from the bridge, a suicide every 10 days

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Take a look at this illustration..

Where they jump from.

And if people want to kill them self they will. I would eat a bunch of pills if I wanted to commit suicide.

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i say leave it the way it is.

you don’t want to take the GGB’s moniker of “mecca of suicide” away from it do you?

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This is casting blame elsewhere. These people killed themselves. The Golden Gate Bridge didn’t hunt them down in a dark alley.

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Spargett is right.
If the fence was 15 feet high people would still find a way to kill themselves.
I work in the railroad industry and it’s one of the most used ways for a person to kill themselves.

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here in NY, on average, 2 people throw themselves in front of a subway train EVERY DAY. People will always finds a way. it doesnt matter how high or long any fence is.

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About 10 years ago my wife and friends and I were waiting on the GGB for a visit from the blue Angels . Two guys were walking hand in hand and disagreeing about something. I was already looking at the water and currents. One of them broke free and jumped absolutely right next to me! I don’t know what was worse watching him fall and hit the water or hearing his partner screaming behind us. It was unnerving, but the bridge didn’t kill him.

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Quick question since I’m a bit na├»ve: what actually kills them? Hitting the water?

I apologize if this seems insensitive.

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Light pole number 69 seems to be the most popular with jumpers. Weird! I can’t imagine what would compel someone to take their own life. If you ever have the urge to commit suicide, please talk to someone. There are people who love you and who care about you, even if you don’t feel like they do. Remember that it can’t rain all the time, the Sun will eventually shine.

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I think it’s deadly… the toll is $5 to cross the damn thing!!! But as far as suicides go, if it wasn’t the GG bridge, it would just be some other place.

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squirbel, yes the displacement of the water is slower, if falling from high enough up it’s like a concrete surface. Though if the impact doesn’t kill you, you will be unconscious and probably drown. Some people have survived jumps from bridges though.

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Thank you Spargett…..I wanted to say damn near the same thing….

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Some people have terminal illnesses that cause constant physical pain. If I was in that situation I would want to swallow some pills and never wake up. Luckily, doing that is legal in Oregon.

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i say go out different than that id rob a bank and have a crazy shootout to the death. jumping from a bridge is overrated. suicide by cop is where its at. jihad!

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I would call up Danny Way, and tell him to bust out the Mega Ramp. Drop in switch. Soar for about 80ft then splat straight into a fluthin’ wall! Or maybe O.D. on some D.M.T. You pick, I’l do it.

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Since we’re on the topic, I’ve pondered how I would do it myself if I were to jump. With that said:

I would stand on the ledge and pull a pin from the grenade in my hand. Then jump and immediately shoot myself in the head with a gun. Most likely my grenade then would detonate before I hit the water, showering the bay below with my remains.

I’m a very thorough person.

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