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What have you asked for? What have you offered?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) February 8th, 2010

We go through life, and at various points we need help. Sometimes people just give us the help. Sometimes we have to ask for it. What have you received of value that you were given? Why was it given. What have you received of value that you had to ask for? Why did they give it to you.

On the other side, have you offered anyone something big? Why? Did you ever get asked for something big? Did you give it? Why?

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Time is what I asked for and offered in return.I got it.It was done out of love :)

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I had borrowed a huge sum of money in the past from a great uncle to put as D/P for a house. I have repaid the money with interest awhile back and I’m now at a point where I am living comfortably. But lately, a medical situation has arisen that costs a lot to treat and I have been tapped by the family to help out. I have now cut back on expenses and living minimally, sometimes at an uncomfortable level, in order to help out . . . which BTW, I don’t mind doing. Luckily, the house has some equity I can take. In restropect, I now believe that the goodness shown to me has bear fruit and should be rightfully offered back to them.

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I remember giving my casual girlfriend in high school 150 to go to prom – she never gave it back to me…I remember giving a best friend $800 for EMT classes, he’s never given it to me since (he’s had financial issues all his life, that’s why he’s living in Mexico now)...a couple of friends of ours asked for my husband’s sperm so that they can have a baby…we considered it pretty seriously but deemed their relationship not as stable as we’d like…and a patient of mine keeps seriously suggesting she’ll pay me money to carry her child but I believe that is way out of the scope of my job description.

In terms of what I’ve asked for – I think asking my husband to seriously considering being in an open relationship was quite something – and he really amazed me…I also asked my best friend to help me pay for my oldest’s pre-school and he supported that goal for many months…I am slowly paying him back

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I gave my heart. It got ripped out of my chest and eaten.

I hope it gave her the nourishment she needed.

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I never asked for money from my mother. I got a fairly large sum once. I appreciated it at the time. I wonder if it was a mistake now. She never asked for it back but I’d rather have less and be free of some internal attachments in the future..

I’ve helped homeless people. Got them clothes, AIDs tests, got them into shelters. Every once in a while I see a need and it gets me out of my self absorption for 10 minutes

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@SeventhSense that long?! how do you make it?

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It was hard…
and how ‘bout you miss exhibitionist :P

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@SeventhSense that is person exhibitionist to you…and I don’t have times when I’m not self-absorbed…refer to my feathers, please

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i’m afraid to address you with any title…maybe I can devise a symbol you could be like prince….

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@SeventhSense by all means…I will tattoo it on my butt, promise

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you’ll have to send me a picture

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@SeventhSense once the tattoo is on it, I give you my word.

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I have asked for peace and serenity, and I have given my experience, strength, and hope.

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Honesty is all I ever want…I find it to be the one thing in life most wanted by anyone and the hardest thing to tender when really needed. I hate bullshit and patronizing answers. Honesty takes courage and again not always easy to be that strong in certain situations.

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I have offered everything I am and have and in return I have asked for patience and honesty, lots of it.

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What have I asked for? I asked to stay with my parents as I finish my degree. That’s a fair amount of support right there. I ask my friends to listen when I need to talk things out, and the friends who do so have treated me wonderfully.

What have I offered? Well I offer everyone I meet open-mindedness. I will not judge rashly. I offer many people my time, even though sometimes it’s hard to stay enthusiastic about such a sacrifice (when I have five million other things to do).

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