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Do you believe a guy should wait before he calls a girl he just met?

Asked by djbuu (284points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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totally depends on how smooth you are :)

call when you have something to talk about, or something you want to do with her. any time within one-three days is probably fine.

same day can come off as creepy, unless you hit it off really really well.

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@woodlandanimals – “same day can come of creep, unless you hit it off really well”

so, so true

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yeah, definitely if you hit it off well (by that i mean def call in 1–3 days) but i wouldn’t say if you have something to talk about. just call to set up another time to get together and that’s it. i think phone conversations right off the bat aren’t the best idea.. save it for in person.

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Life is short… why wait?

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I personally think people should call when they want to. I don’t believe in this “I have to wait X amount of days” bullshit…why play games? If she’s not that into you, you’ll find out soon enough – waiting a few days isn’t going to make a difference.

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If you really like her, and think she likes you the same way, go for it! Call as soon as you think its right ^^ Just don’t leave it too long or she’ll think you’ve forgotten her =S

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just be upfront and handle it., make the call and go from there. Why is it when man and woman meet for some reason games seem to come in play, you like them let them know and be strong enough and handle any possible rejection. Don’t wait, just do it, and accept any outcome. Life isn’t usually all nice sweet.

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I was once called three weeks after I met a man at a party. By the time he called, I had no idea who he was, and he had to go through the embarrassment of telling me in detail who he was, where we had been talking, etc. If he had called me right away, I would of known immediately. He had been waiting to call me on purpose. So silly.

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I called my girlfriend the same night I met her. Embarrassingly enough, one of the girls in the group I was with was screaming rude things into the phone at her (“he told me he thinks I’m prettier than you”—type things). She was gracious enough not to write me off right then, and I set up a date for coffee the next day (she lived an hour and a half out of town, and was going home the next day). We’ve been together a year now.

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Same day: creepy. Next day: okay. Next week: who are you again? Next month: creepy.

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