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Now Then - The TV Dilemma Part 2: 1080p or 720p?

Asked by gambitking (4201points) February 9th, 2010

Thanks to all those who helped with finding me a TV that fits my criteria. But now I’m REALLY debating whether to get a 1080p or 720p.

I am not picky about this kind of tech, and ANYTHING would be an upgrade from what I have now (old ass CRT)..... but I will be getting a PS3 soon (should that be the only determinant that makes me get a 1080?).

Other than that, I don’t really know whether I should spend extra money and ‘settle’ for a low-end brand just to get a 1080p OR go ahead and save the money and get a decent 720p. Need your thoughts, insight and good reason to go one way or the other.

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If your going to get a PS3 and want to enjoy the graphics or are even thinking of a blue ray disc player or HD tv then you should go for the 1080. don’t be chintzy- just get a decent quality like phillips, toshiba, rca and not vizio!

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I have been considering a Vizio 37 inch. so I’m wondering if you could be a little more specific about why you have a low opinion of Vizios.

I’m somewhat of a technotard so would appreciate any info you have.

The recent issue of Consumer Reports has that brand kind of in the middle of the pack, but if there are serious negatives, I’d sure like to know. Thanks.

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1080p. 720 is an older technology that will be phased out in a couple of years.

@Buttonstc , Vizio gets bad marks for their sound quality. Any home theater setup is going to have something better than the shitty speakers built into the set, so it’s not a reason to avoid the brand.

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Thanks for the specific answer. That was really helpful since I plan to get an additional speaker unit.

I saw one at target which can also serve as a dock/speakers for my iPhone so that kills two birds with one stone.

The 37” Vizio currently goes for $529.00 at Costco so that’s a pretty tempting price. I’ll prob. wait till next month and hope they may run a coupon.

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@Buttonstc ; If your going for a decent system you should always try to go for what I call “Mother Technology”... Phillips and GE are the ones that developed the technology are are usually the front runners. If you get one and it sounds good you’ve got something for now, then later you get you surround sound and plug it in the back and then you have your Awesome home theater!

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