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Have you had more snow than usual this Winter ?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) February 9th, 2010

We had over six inches last weekend. We are expecting between six to fourteen inches between late tonight and Thursday morning. Why is this happening ? Is the increased participation do to global warming?

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Around here, we’re getting it in clumps. A few weeks without, big storm, another few weeks, repeat.

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Its snowed a lot here in Nashville, and it rarely does. Global warming is kicking in.

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@jackm if it is truly global warming, why then is it snowing more than it usually does?. . . should it be global cooling?

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We got 26 inches this weekend.
It is snowing right now, and they are calling for another 20–26.

Yes. It’s unusual.

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Don’t get snow here.

Plus its summer right now :D 30 celcius outside at the moment, no chance of snow.. lol

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This question is more suited for chat. XD

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It is snowing right now. We are now less than one inch away from the 2nd highest snow total in history. That is with it snowing right now, and predictions for 12–15 inches more overnight!

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Our snowfall from last night and today put us above average for the year. yeah! I love it!

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@njnyjobs I think @jackm was being sarcastic.

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It is the same here and it is becoming very disconcerting.
The theory I heard about global warming includes greater precipitation. They also said, eventually the oceans could rise so high coastal cities could be washed away.
Right now I am simply tried of shoveling.

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Here in Pittsburgh, we are getting our third foot of snow tonight. The municipality is going apeshit trying to plow roads, but, well, its not working very well. We live in the middle of the city and we are all but snowed into our street.

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Just about average for me. We get snowed on, that’s what we expect.

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I think we’ve had less than usual here in South Central Kansas…not that I’m complaining, mind you.

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No.Today we did get quite a bit though.I can see Al Gore outside my house shovelling like a madman ;)

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Way less snow than usual. I like it, but it’s beyond weird. Winnipeg is suppose to be—well Winterpeg. That’s the price we pay for sunshine here, cold and snow. But now we got more warm weather, and guess what a bit less sunshine – for a big part of winter. It’s sort of back to ‘normall’ But just not as cold. Thankfully the sunshine has returned as well ;)

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It’s snowing now (see video). But, this winter we haven’t had all that much.

I dig the snow.

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Yes..,.but I like to think the past few winters were just not up to the task of bringing it!! I love SNOW!!!

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We have had three snow already this season in Nashville. most of the time, we barely receive a trace. yes, there is definetely something different with the weather this year.

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Only six inches? If we don’t at least get thirty inches here by October, I consider it abnormal.

That said, this Winter has been slightly wussy this year, considering that besides Scandinavia, nobody gets more snow than Qu├ębec baahaha.

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Never. I live in tropical island. We hope for deep snow.

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Chicago/ DeKalb area… most definitly… especially right now… it sucks SOOOOOOOO bad… supposed to be a foot of snow

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Yes and if we have one more snow day I may just go throw myself face first into a snow drift.

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We’ve had an average amount of snow in my city, but where my parents live they have had much more. Where my aunt and uncle live they’ve had much less. :)

Also, thought I’d throw out that “global warming” is a misleading term – the reason that “climate change” is preferred is that rising CO2 levels etc. will lead to more extreme temperatures – both hot and cold. So extra snow can be an indication of climate change as well as less snow than normal.

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Colorado has received waaay less, at least North-East Colorado, where most of the population lives. Over the past two months we’ve had maybe 3 inches of snow.

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@fireinthepriory i’ve also heard it’s also because of the earth’s magnetic field… I found out in my physics class randomly that the poles (North and South) have changed their charge position (North magnetic field goes where the south is and vice versa for south)... And our lovely earth is over due for a magnetic change which we’ve been needing so desperatly.

I think this can explain it a bit

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In Europe too. More snow than usual. This is not a proof against climate change and global warming.

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@mattbrowne I agree, this snow just happens randomly every year, the earth has it’s cycles…

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I have had enough. It is snowing now. Today we will have between ten to thirteen inches.
Scientist have predicted an increase in the amount of participation. They have also said, that the increase in participation could eventually destroy the coastal cities. Combined with the melting Ice Caps sea levels will rise.
I do believe that temperature variation is partly normal. However Human kind has accelerated this process.
I am not looking forward to shoveling again. Even with the Snow Blower the job is overwhelming.
My Husband uses the Blower. I shovel. The job is endless.

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We’re getting more than usual, but not a lot, compared to the rest of the country. I’m way up here in “Minne-snow-ta” and we have about a foot of the white stuff on the ground right now. I feel sorry for all you guys that have so much snow.

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Che this.

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