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Do you know any recipes which use Jack Daniels ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) February 10th, 2010

Someone told me there are certain gourmet recipes for dishes and desserts that call for Jack Daniels whiskey but I have yet to find any ?
*I am not referring to supermarket sold,Jack Daniels brand BBQ sauce/marinades

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Linoleum pancakes?I know that’s what I ate after drinking that foul demon’s swill!lol!;)

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errrr…what recipe wouldn’t have JD in it??? Even linoleum tastes great with JD…Right @lucillelucillelucille ??

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Scotch eggs, och aye the noo.

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Pear Bread Pudding with Jack Daniels Sauce I made this a few weeks ago. I used dried blueberries instead of dried cranberries. It was nummy.

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@Pretty_Lilly -Do you need a recipe for disaster?I can supply that,no problem.:))

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JD on the rocks
JD & water
JD & various pieces of fruit
JD & random bar leftovers
JD & more JD (try the JD & random bar leftovers first)

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@Pretty_Lilly , I can’t find it now but had a recipe for Pecan Pie with JD added at the end just before pouring the filling into the pie shell.

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Try sauteeing a marinaded steak with it – pour it in (not a lot, just enough for flavor) while you are sauteeing so it burns the alch off and leave the flavor.. be prepared for a flame though – this is normal and will go away

Can do this with chicken too – or make a reduction sauce with it to put over other meats.

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If you want some really good ones, visit the Jack Daniels site. I love to experiment with them.

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Jack Daniels and fruit?Never would’ve thought about doing that :)

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@lucillelucillelucille I needed something to fill out the list. I wouldn’t try it on a dare.

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@CyanoticWasp Oh, you are missing a good taste treat there. A fruit compote served on a chocolate cookie with a shot of Jack Daniels poured over it, and topped with a cherry is delicious.

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The best eggnog in the world, follow Alton Brown’s recipe, but use JD, not bourbon. Really, it’s amazing.

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Yes. The best formulation is the one where I pour about 2 ounces from the JD bottle into a glass. Next, I carefully raise the glass to my lips, elevate the bottom of the glass, and slowly sip. Happiness follows.

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