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What is a "must have" application if I would like to build wordpress sites on my MAC OS X?

Asked by tilc (126points) September 21st, 2009

I’d like to develope websites, using the famous wordpress blog engine on my macbook (MAC OS X Leopard), and I am really curious what people are using to make great sites. I am not just thinking about Adobe photoshop, but more little apps that does something extra for you to make a nice and productive, useful site. Let me know what apps do you use, and if you give links that is also appriciated!

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Other than graphics editing, that’s all I use =)

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Thank you! I am using Transmit for FTP and already using Textwrangler. Nice to know, that people are using same apps for same stuffs :)

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TextWrangler most certainly, I also use an HTML editor called TACO. When I downloaded TACO it was free… it no longer seems to be free., it has a 30 day trial.

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One thing Cyberduck does that I’m not sure if Transmit does—it’ll let you “edit in place”

Essentially opens a temporary copy of the live-on-site file in textwrangler, when you save, it re-uploads to the website. Super handy for doing a bunch of small edits.

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sweet, I did not know that, but I will check it tonight at Trasmit

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Coda… $100 ;-(

+1 for cyberduck, textwrangler, MAMP!

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also, perhaps you should check out Joomla!

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I don’t want to use other blog/site engines except wordpress. I would also welcome some sites about new trends and great plugins for wordpress engine, what make the page more 2009 and web 2.0able :)

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What does MAMP get you? I mean, on OS X you already have apache and php, why not just download mysql instead? (curiosity question, I used to use XAMP on windows)

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@phoenyx MAMP stands for “MAC Apache mySQL and PHP”. It allows you to build/manage websites that use databases locally. and when you are finished you can export the database to your server and upload your files and your site is online.

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I kinda figured what it stood for because I’ve used XAMP in the past. I just wondered what it gave you that you don’t already have. OS X already has apache installed and php installed.

I already do that kind of stuff without MAMP.

(I guess I should just go to their website and find out for myself).

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+1 for MAMP, though to be honest if you have server space to play with it’s better to develop online so that you can cross-browser test more easily.

I have both Coda and Transmit and I’d say if you like Transmit, you’ll love being able to code and use the baked-in Transmit-based FTP stuff in Coda.

Also check out:
300+ Resources to Help You Become a WordPress Expert,
40 exceptional CMS-enabling plugins for Wordpress,
‘Best’ Wordpress themes

It’s a popular platform!

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@benseven Thanks a lot! :) Great sites!

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@tilc No problemo.

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