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What ever happened to Virtual Reality?

Asked by gorillapaws (25334points) March 3rd, 2008

What ever happened to Virtual Reality technology? I remember Sega developing VR helmets with motion tracking and stuff in the early 90’s, why didn’t the technology every really make it to the mainstream, particularly in gaming but also in all those other promised applications like medicine etc?

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They’re still working on it. Its not that simple.
If i get around to it between note taking (In class right now) i’ll post a few interesting breakthroughs they’ve had as of recent. <- SO cool!

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people bought the “virtual boy” by nintendo and didnt want to live in a red world.

Yes, nintendo killed VR.

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sigh VR would be a very big thing if they released it to the general public…..

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It’s being used to treat vets for PTSD among other military applications.

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virtual reality is like robotics; underdeveloped…no one has really liked it either. It gives people headaches and looks wierd. But I just want to see some company step up and make it wantable.

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VR encompasses so many areas that are severely under-developed at this point in time. The main bottleneck has been processing power, although that may finally be realistically within range now. Another huge problem is display technology. People are accustomed to very high resolution displays, with near life-like reproduction, even on low-end computers these days. VR displays simply can’t compete, which has severely limited their acceptance. And finally, almost no real advances have been made in the areas of submersion (allowing free body movement to translate into a virtual environment) – everything so far has been literally “baby-steps” in that realm.

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lol, one of the articles listed above in my post is all about submersion via walking. Its a very interesting idea. (its the article with the little “Very Cool” arrow)

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Delirium, yes I saw that link. Thanks for posting it. Very cool, but let’s face it, all the current physical interfaces are pre-1.0 at best.

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I agree with drewtyer, nintendo killed it! Haha

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here’s an article I wrote about the state of VR :

It talks about applications, devices, displays, and I’m sure most of you are not aware of all that is possible to do with this technology right now ;)

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That AIST link was pretty cool, although not technically VR. If they can really draw “any 3D image” like they claim they can, then why they haven’t made one of Princess Leia asking Obi-Wan for help? I would think that anyone geeky enough to design this technology would have made that his/her first priority—this clearly leads me to believe that they are faking/lying.

Great article btw cbwan

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Just over 8 years after I asked this question and the Occulus Rift is shipping. Pretty funny.

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