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What would you do if your mom found out that your having sex?

Asked by smokeweedeveryday (579points) February 12th, 2010

i dont know why but im asking this but im bored at school. So yes please tell me!

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I think she knows. Probably figured it out when I told her my wife was pregnant.

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I’d tell her to stop barging in on us & wait in the living room until we were through.Tsk Mums!!

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@Snarp What do storks and cabbage fields have to do with sex?

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@mrentropy I thought it was birds and bees?

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With who are you having sex with?

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OK, just for fun, let’s pretend I’m a teenager living at home and my mom found out I had been having sex, what would I do? Nothing. Maybe you need to hypothesize the mother’s response first? My mother would have gone about her life and pretended she didn’t know and my dad would have bought me a box of condoms and given me a high five.

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@ChazMaz That’s “whom”. ;-)

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I think she knows, since I live with my fiance. I mean, I think she’d be surprised if she found out we weren’t having sex.

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I think she would be more upset if she found out that you smoke weed every day @smokeweedeveryday

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With whom are you having sex with?

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@ChazMaz Sans a “with.” =D

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I think my mom would be disappointed if she found out she had a 29 year old virgin who had been lying to her for the past 12 years.

Even if I was still a kid living at home, she’s mostly be disappointed I didn’t turn to her for help getting birth control and some girly conversation.

I think your mom, if this question has any basis in reality, might hope you’re spending more time in your English class.

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I was 19 the first time I had sex…too late to do anything about it!:)

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If I were your mom, I would assume you were having unprotected sex with inappropriate people, since you don’t have very good judgment in other areas.

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It would be even more bizarre if my mom had Alzheimer’s and she found out I was having sex—with her.

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@ChazMaz with whom are you having sex?

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@ChazMaz With whom are you having sex with?
Don’t end your sentence with a preposition!
With whom are you having sex with, bi*$h?

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With whom are you having sex with? With whom are you having sex with? With whom are you having sex with?

I thought I had plenty of time to jerk around. lol ;-)

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I’d tell her to keep it a secret. God knows what would happen if she blabbed and all the Flutherites here found out I had an active libido. Yikes!~

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When I was in high school, my mom probably would have given me a high-five and said, “Oh, I hope you get knocked up because I want to be a grandma!” Then she would have shared detailed stories about her own sexual experiences. shudder It was worth waiting until I was in college and she had moved out of my dad’s house before having sex. I’d like to say I managed to avoid hearing her sex stories, but no such luck.

My mom never had a good sense of the difference between being a parent and a friend, and clearly isn’t familiar with the concept of TMI.

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mom: I know you are having sex.
me: Yes, please buy me birth control, condoms, and nag me about “safer” sex practices.

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@Snarp your hypothetical reminded me of a story that was told to me years ago.

The farmer one rounded the barn one morning and found his teenaged son banging one of the milkmaids in a hay rick. He dashed back to the house and into the kitchen, where his wife was cleaning up after the family’s meager breakfast. He told her what he had seen as he opened and slammed shut the kitchen cabinets, apparently looking for something. His wife asked him what he wanted, and when he told her he was looking for her biggest cast iron skillet she quavered, “You… you’re not going to hit him with it, are you?”

“Hit him? Hell, no! You’re going to cook him a proper breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns. Boy can’t fuck on cold cereal!”

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@Snarp You beat me to the punch on this one.

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She would then have a darn good idea where her 2 grandsons came from!

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I would ask her
1) Why she cares about what her 20-year-old son does with another consenting adult.
2) How she knows, seeing as how I don’t live with her.

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My dad found out when he came home early from work, I was 15 and on the couch with my GF. She was on top and he walked in and she stood-up and had the deer in the headlights stare, he simply said ”you got a condom on- right?. I said all covered dad and he said ”don’t mind me, just passing through”

i could feel her spasms the whole time!

We laughed later over dinner with my dad!

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When I told my mom that I was having sex (I don’t know why I felt like I needed to, except maybe so my girlfriend and I could sleep in the same room when she came to visit), her response was: “I hope you’re using protection.”

@phil196662‘s answer reminded me of that. I guess parents aren’t so much concerned about sexual activity as they are by the possibility of becoming a grandparent at too young an age. This is all assuming the parent don’t have religious hangups about sex.

Any parent like that would hit the roof when they found out.

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It’s You’re.

I think she trusts my judgement enough not to flip out about it, though. Of course, she’d say silly stuff like “Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool”.

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I’m pretty sure she already knows

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When in doubt, wrap your spout.

Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener.

Okay, I’m done.

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Bahaha I have no idea, but at the age that I’m at now, I’m pretty sure she’d think it’s pretty normal.

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My mom would be fine with. But then of course, I’m wayyyyyyy past 21.

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