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Under our notifications we have one for "Newsletter" Has one ever been sent?

Asked by Dog (24827points) February 12th, 2010

Sure it says “infrequent” but I have been a member for nearly 2 years and have yet to receive one.

Has anyone ever gotten one? Was it as interesting as they say it will be?

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I haven’t even gotten a notification.

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It better be filled with pictures of Basil.
That means YOU, Andrew.

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@Dog I’ve been getting them twice a month. You mean you haven’t?

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There hasn’t been one in a long, long time. I’m working on it, though! Hopefully we’ll get one out soon-ish. :)

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Wait- that is your job @augustlan? Oh goody! Now I know that when one comes out it will be very interesting!

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Nothing like a little pressure!

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@augustlan No pressure! It says “infrequent” and really that could mean next year. :D

Actually why aren’t the blog posts sent out as the Newsletters? Those are infrequent and interesting.

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@Dog; Where is there any info about a Newletter, extant or not?

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@Dog; Thanks. If something is so infrequent as to be non-existent, you can call it “entertaining,” I guess.

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