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What is the easiest sure-fire way to access your own unconscious mind?

Asked by takiger (24points) February 14th, 2010

I tried lots of methods but everything fails, I never could reach my goal. Other methods such as hypnosis and yoga are not the way to go for me as I’m simply not interested in them so please do not suggest these methods.

Thanks very much in advance!

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You don’t have to do yoga to meditate. Meditation with simple breathing exercises are about the best if not only way I know to peel away the layers of our busy lives to access that elusive unconscious.

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unconscious mind?
you must mean sleeping.

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Knock yourself out!....
Or did you mean sub-concious?
I’m not sure I really know the difference.
Personally I think once you’ve let go of the ego you start to listen to your intuition, which I think is masked by the ego.

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You could try meditation practices. Emptying the mind, by at first trying to more neutrally observe the mind. It’s also a form of self control. At later stages you can invoke more thought but harmoniously. It’s best to join a group – you’ll have a lot more progress.

Try to empty your mind of purpose at first though, even if your purpose is that – it will constantly keep distracting you. And you need to ‘fight’ all distractions, often by letting them happen and not really giving in. Thinking about not thinking a thought only reinforces it.

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Self-hypnosis maybe? I wonder if this can even be accomplished. Hmmm…......

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@Bluefreedom Yes it can be accomplished. Someone I know is a hypnotherapist and he hypnotises himself every night to get to sleep!!

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Your Bung-Hole.

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@partyparty. That’s pretty interesting. And neat. =)

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You can listen to meditative music or cd’s even though you said you don’t like this idea. Write down dreams of course. Try idea association?Or just jot down your feelings they are normally a road into the unconscious.

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Approach Mike Tyson & in a loud & steady voice tell him he’s a raping ugly mother fucker.Should do the trick.

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You could always self harm, that works well.

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As it happens, I make an Easy Sure Fire Unconscious Access Elixir. The stuff is guaranteed to work. It’s easy, and it’s a sure thing. I have never had a single complaint.

Unfortunately, it is very, very difficult to make. I have spent years perfecting the elixir, using methods I have learned from Sha-people and adepts all over the world. Indeed, I have climbed to the highest reaches of the Himalayas in order to find the rare ingredients for this elixir. It is so rare, that not even Kings and Queens can afford it.

However, in you, I detect something of a deep need, and I respect that. So for you, I am willing to sell you one dose of Wundayatta’s Easy Sure Fire Unconscious Access Elixir for the low, low price of $99.99. This is a one time offer, available only for a limited time, so act now. Quantities are limited, and only one dose per person.

For further information, you can email me at, or call 555-you’ve-been-screwed-with during the hours of 3:26 and 3:27 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time.

Thanks for your interest!

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Friend, you are going to have to clarify what you mean by “your own unconscious” so I can give you a better answer.

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As @Cruiser stated, meditation is the key…

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DMT, Salvia, Mushrooms, Meditation, Marijuana

In that order!

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@Dibley You want to buy some, too? ;-)

You’re from England, right? You probably don’t have that kind of television sales pitches over there. That’s the heart of this little satirical piece.

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There is no such thing as access to an unconscious mind. Unconscious, literally means not conscious. the word is just a metaphor for thinking that is done without our conscious control. Some people claim to be able to gain more control over their thinking, but there is no verifiable evidence of it.

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@wundayatta No I don’t and yes I am, I thought your comment was sick.

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There is no easy sure-fire way. There are some safe tools that will help you remember your dreams. Drugs are risky.

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To use drugs would be cheating…. cheating yourself. Try meditation. I try to meditate everyday and it really is as good as people say it is.

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