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What is a good Christmas present for a 26-year-old?

Asked by peggylou (1138points) November 8th, 2006
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money and a credit report
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Anything in the iPod family, I assume. Money. Gift cards. Independent wealth.
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A really cool magazine subscription.
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Something elegant and beautiful.
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and well designed
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I recommend "The Joy of Cooking." Always useful. Never goes out of style. And, it's on sale at Border's now.
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I second the ITunes Gift Card- can't go wrong
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2 tickets to any kind of show (they can take you, but obviously don't have to!)
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a blender. a subscription to harper's. a massage.
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Now, Andrew, you're already with Ava, and no man is permitted two things elegant and beautiful and well designed. That's why I can never own an Aston Martin, because I'm already married to Christy.
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Steve, that's you!!! I didn't know who you were!
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how about a c-clamp or not as useful a cheese cutter
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A cool, hand-made from scraps of leftover yarn, scarf or arm-band
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Depends on male/female and what they're interested in but some sure, unisex bets are: I-pod stuff, a funky flash drive:, check to see if they have an wishlist and buy stuff from there, a subscription to MAKE magazine or Consumer Reports, The PopUp book of Celebrity Meltdowns, The Arrested Development Box Set, The Firefly light that turns Nalgene bottles into lanterns;=-110, something classic for the kitchen like a smaller LeCrueset pot
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, a ViewMaster with fun slides, quirky housewares from Urban Outfitters
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or lovely cooking items
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